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CEF Adds New Priority Code to Service Request System

The Conventional and Experimental Facilities (CEF) Service Request System is used to request engineering, project management, operations, maintenance and physics support to buildings, facilities and experiments at SLAC. In order to improve scheduling and provide prompt and honest feedback to those who submit requests, CEF has added a work priority code to the Service Request System.

Beginning this week, whenever a new service request is dispatched, it will include one of the following priority codes:

Priority 0 Immediate response required.

Priority 1 Significant work is underway or completed within 24–48 hours.

Priority 2 Schedule with firm commitment.

Priority 3 Schedule as time allows.

Priority 4 Unable to doresources not available.

Priority 5 Requires supervisor review and will be reprioritized within 48 hours.

"These codes represent both the criticality of each job and CEF's ability to execute it with current resources," said Liam Robinson, Facilities Manager. "These codes will help us handle the most important requests first and keep requestors informed of where they fall on our to-do list."

At the time of dispatch, all requests will be assigned either Priority 0, 1, or 5. Priority 5 requests will be re-assigned with Priority 2, 3 or 4 within 48 hours. In keeping with current practice, all safety items will be given Priority 0.

In addition, some shops such as HVAC, Carpentry and Electrical have a large backlog and will not be able to perform some work with current resources. CEF will continue to look for ways to clear Priority 4 items (by asking for additional resources or perhaps by bundling like jobs into a well planned construction project that is then carried out by a subcontractor in exactly the same way as any other CEF construction project.) In addition, all Priority 4 items will be reviewed by CEF every 3 months to see if they can’t be given a higher priority.

Changes to the priority code will be viewable on the service request, e-mail notifications and on search results.

For more information contact Carlos Pereira at extension 3274.


—Leslie Bachant, May 14, 2007