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Two SLAC Scientists Receive DOE Early Career Research Awards
Change Is Afoot: SLAC Today Is Getting a New Look, and a Bit More
Your Vote Counts: DOE People's Choice Award Video Contest

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two SLAC Scientists Receive
DOE Early Career Research Awards

(Photo - Faya Wang)
Faya Wang.
(Photo by Lori Ann White.)

Markus Guehr of the PULSE Institute for Ultrafast Energy Science, a joint SLAC/Stanford institute, and Faya Wang of SLAC's Accelerator Research Division are among 65 young researchers selected from a nationwide pool of more than a thousand hopefuls who will receive five-year grants for their research from the Department of Energy. The awards, announced early this month by the DOE Office of Science, are intended to provide support to promising young researchers at the beginning of their careers—often a time of little money but a lot of energy, enthusiasm and good ideas.

(Photo - Markus Guehr)
Markus Guehr.
(Photo courtesy Markus Guehr.)

Markus Guehr's good idea, selected by the DOE Office of Basic Energy Science, is an attempt to shed light—literally—on photochemistry, the study of how light energy affects interactions between the electrons of different atoms and between electrons and atomic nuclei within a molecule. Electron interaction is the basis of chemical bonding, Guehr explained, but as electrons rearrange themselves, atomic nuclei are affected as well.  Read more...

Change Is Afoot

SLAC Today Is Getting a New Look and a Bit More

Keep an eye on SLAC Today in the coming days as it moves into a new home and picks up a few new tricks. Monday morning's edition will come to you from an updated website, where SLAC's top science content for the public and key communications for the lab community will have their own separate places to shine. The Communications Office has compiled reader requests over the years together with SLAC Today survey results to select a subset of most asked-for and, we hope, most practical enhancements for SLAC news and announcements.

Starting Monday, May 23, you'll see:

  • A compact, quick-scan SLAC Today e-mail format in plain text to display reliably in any e-mail reader
  • A new web page dedicated to SLAC's best projects and science results, with space for feature stories, press releases, images and videos to stay in the spotlight for more than a single day
  • An updated SLAC Today web page that gives your key announcements more space and provides you with updated tools to post news, images and associated links
  • Graphical event calendars
  • Content tags (categories), feeds (RSS) and enhanced archives and search to make it easier to get the news and announcements you're looking for

We look forward to your feedback on the new site. Stay tuned...

Your Vote Counts: DOE People's Choice Award Video Contest

Final votes are due next Tuesday May 24 at 5 p.m. for the Department of Energy Office of Science "Life at the Frontiers of Energy Research" video contest. As part of the upcoming forum "Science for Our Nation’s Energy Future," the 46 DOE Energy Frontier Research Centers were invited to create short films to highlight their science, innovations and people. The videos aim to educate and entertain an intelligent but non-expert audience.

The Office of Science announced five finalists from among 26 videos submitted. As of May 17, two contenders are stealing the show for the final round of voting. Leading the pack, "Heart of the Solution—Energy Frontiers" hails from the Center for Solar and Thermal Energy Conversion, which is led by the University of Michigan. Running a close second place is "Carbon in Underland," presented by the Center for Nanoscale Control of Geologic CO2 with lead institution Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

View the videos and cast your votes for up to three favorites on the Life at the Frontiers of Energy Research Video Contest Entries web page.




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