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DOE, Stanford to Negotiate Five-year SLAC Contract Extension
SLAC Scientific Computing Workshop Set for Late June

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Tuesday - May 17, 2011

DOE, Stanford to Negotiate Five-year SLAC Contract Extension

William Madia.

Over the last few years, Stanford University has continued to manage SLAC for the Department of Energy under short-term extensions of its contract with the Department. The latest of these extensions is set to run out in September 2012.

Yesterday, DOE announced that it will enter into negotiations with Stanford for a five-year extension of the contract. Successful negotiations of a new contract will mean that the university would continue to manage SLAC through September 2017. This announcement follows a renewal last year of the lease that allows SLAC to continue to operate on Stanford's land through 2043.

Negotiations of the new contract extension between Stanford and DOE will take place over the coming months and will involve numerous administrative parts of the university, as well as the efforts of mission support personnel at SLAC. Many of you may be asked to contribute to this process and I thank you in advance for your time and effort in helping ensure a successful outcome to the negotiations.

If you have any questions or comments about the contract extension or the process, please contact me at madia(at)

SLAC Scientific Computing Workshop Set for Late June

The SLAC Scientific Computing Workshop—a forum to learn about current activities and future directions in scientific computing across the lab—will take place June 20–21 in the Redwood conference rooms of the Research Office Building.

The SLAC Scientific Computing Steering Committee invites all interested SLACers to attend, to share ideas and information. Sessions will be devoted to topics such as data management, algorithms, simulation, visualization, collaborative tools and emerging hardware architectures. The intent of this workshop is to foster new collaborative efforts and the final session will summarize the identified areas of collaboration.

In order to get a comprehensive overview of scientific computing at SLAC, the committee is soliciting five-minute "lightning" talks and posters. We encourage your participation!

A website to sign up for talks and register for the workshop is now available. Note that the deadline to sign up for talks is May 27.

Two additional SCSC initiatives were recently announced in SLAC Today—a new forum tool and a mailing list for scientific computing issues. The beta version of the forum tool with scientific computing content is now available for login using SLAC UNIX or Windows credentials. Several scientific computing topics are available for comment, including the workshop.

Help build the mailing list by sending mail to Majordomo with "subscribe sci-comp" in the body. Please subscribe within the next week to enable the SCSC to communicate other news regarding the workshop and the scientific computing seminar series.

And don't forget this month's scientific computing seminar: Challenges from Bio-X: Heterogeneous Data Analyses starts today at 4 p.m. in the Kavli Auditorium.




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