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In the Spotlight: April 2011 Spot Awards
The Leader in You
Colloquium Today: "From Afar" in Ethiopia

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Monday - May 9, 2011

In the Spotlight:
April 2011 Spot Awards

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The SLAC Service Awards dinner in March was a pretty special occasion. Good food in plush surroundings, live music, an opportunity to don 3-D glasses—nights out don't get much better than that.

Two people who labored behind the scenes to help make their coworkers' evening truly memorable were SLAC Archivist Jean Deken and SLAC graphic designer Greg Stewart. Deken put together a slide show highlighting SLAC events during the attendees' years of service—20, 30, and even 40 years worth—and Stewart produced the commemorative booklet given to all Service Award recipients.

"I tried to focus on the individuals being honored," Deken said, which chiefly meant hours combing through old SLAC photos, searching for just the right images.

Stewart worked closely with Human Resources staff to give the booklet a fresh new look. "I was really happy to work with them developing a new design," Stewart said. "This is such an important keepsake for these employees."   Read more...

The Leader in You

Work is satisfying when you learn and are challenged. It should be aligned with your values or give you a sense of community. If you agree with these statements, have we got training for you!

The Certificate in Supervision Program has been replaced with nine new modules tailored uniquely to SLAC supervisors and managers. The first of these modules, "The Leader in You" is scheduled for May 11, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., in Building 48.

The module provides an in-depth look at your strengths and weaknesses based on your responses to an electronic self-assessment which takes about 20 minutes to complete. You'll then receive a report based on your self-assessment that presents a picture of who you are as a leader—your inclinations and strengths. You may not be surprised by some of the report findings, you may not agree with some of them, but you certainly will gain a perspective on yourself that you’ve never had before.

Using that new perspective, you'll have the opportunity to develop an action plan. Is there an area you want to be stronger in? A weakness you want to work on? Reflection and action—that’s what the course is about.

Have you become a supervisor in the past year? We especially encourage newer supervisors to sign-up for this class and the rest of the series.

For more information, contact Maria Mastrokyriakos (x2265).

Colloquium Today: "From Afar" in Ethiopia

(Image - event poster)
See also the event flyer (PDF, 300 KB). (Poster by SLAC Information Management and Portal Services.)

Today at 4:15 in Panofsky Auditorium, the SLAC Colloquium committee is pleased to present a special talk by Professor of Anthropology at UC Berkeley Tim White, titled "From Afar," in which he will detail his team's decades of work in Ethiopia, unraveling the story of human evolution.

For 25 years, White and his team have been working in the Afar desert of Ethiopia, and they have assembled what is now the longest record of early evolution of our hominid family tree. Hominids and extant African apes have each evolved via very different pathways, a finding that Darwin and Huxley would certainly have celebrated. Dr. White will describe the long-term, international geological, geochronological, and paleontological research that led to these discoveries.




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