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AT&T Cell Tower Update Coming Soon
eShop Launch Coming; Training Available Next Week

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Tuesday - April 12, 2011

AT&T Cell Tower Update Coming Soon

(Photo - new AT&T cell tower)
The tower in its temporary location behind Building 50. (Photo by Yee-Ting Li.)

The cell phone provider AT&T will move its SLAC-based cell phone tower from its temporary location behind Building 50 to its permanent home, with its antennae on the roof of the building. Construction is scheduled to begin soon and last into May. Tear-down of the old tower will not begin until the new site is operational, so as not to interrupt AT&T's service. SLAC employees should expect to see subcontractors working around Building 50 during the months of April and May.

"AT&T always intended the current tower to be temporary, and now they are following through to put a permanent tower in place," said Les Cottrell, SLAC's manager of computer networks and telecommunications and project manager for the AT&T project. "They want to do this right."

In 2008, SLAC management approached AT&T about joining the cell phone carriers T-mobile, Sprint and MetroPCS in providing a cell phone tower on the SLAC campus. The cell phone tower's antennae receive signals from cell phones and broadcast them to the carrier's nearest mobile telephone switching office, where they are connected to the service provider's backbone network. The signals going to and from the antennae can be interrupted by buildings or other obstructions, so they are usually placed high above the ground. In addition, each antenna can handle only a limited number of user signals, so the cell phone towers must be spaced close enough together to support the local volume of users. 


eShop Launch Coming;
Training Available Next Week

(Flyer by Alan Kong.)

The Supply Chain Management Department is reintroducing eShop, SLAC's online marketplace! eShop is the recommended purchasing method at SLAC for applicable equipment and materials. Using eShop saves time and money, and provides a fast, efficient online source for searching and for purchasing a wide variety of products at SLAC-negotiated prices.

SCM eShop Manager Gordon Scrimger will present live eShop training in Kavli Auditorium next week. Eight sessions are scheduled from April 18 through 21, with morning and afternoon time slots to fit your busy schedules.

For details about the launch schedule and training, including class registration, see the eShop flyer (PDF, 47 KB)




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