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Spring Cleaning Prepares Building 50 for Expanded Computing Capabilities
SLAC Volunteers Team with Local Business to Send Thousands in Aid to Japan

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Tuesday - April 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning Prepares Building 50 for Expanded Computing Capabilities

(Photo - empty tape drives in the old silos)
Empty tape slots and unused drives mark a data storage silo on the way out. (Photo courtesy Ron Barrett.)

Workers removed the last of six data silos last week as part of a push to ready Building 50 for an upgrade to SLAC's computing capabilities. The silos—and their data-handling duties—have already been replaced by two higher-capacity tape storage units that can access data four times faster than the silos did.

The first of the data silos was removed last year. Though construction in the vicinity of the building slowed removal of the other five silos, work has continued in Building 50 on what are termed the core requirements of computing infrastructure—space, power and cooling capacity.

(Photo - old silos partially taken down)
One data storage silo almost completely dissembled, while a second one awaits its turn. (Photo courtesy Ron Barrett.)

Removal of the silos "represents a critical repurposing of the space," said Norm Ringgold, head of the Computing Division's IT Operations and Infrastructure group. A collaborative effort between this group and SLAC Facilities has resulted in ample space, power and cooling to accommodate computing customer needs, Ringgold said. "Removal of the old data silos provides over 1800 square feet of valuable raised floor space in the Data Center alone."


SLAC Volunteers Team with Local Business to Send Thousands in Aid to Japan

(Photo - bento sale)
(Photo courtesy Naomi Nagahashi.)

Thanks to the generosity of the SLAC community, last Monday's bento sale was a huge success! All bentos were sold. We were able to generate more than $5,700 from the sales and donations at SLAC. But there's more.

As you may know, SushiTomi in Mountain View contributed supplies and prepared some of the food. They also sold bento lunches instead of opening for lunch last Monday. Almost $5200 was collected (including cash donations and tips, which the SushiTomi staff donated) and will be combined with the SLAC sale proceeds. In addition, the owner of SushiTomi made a matching donation of more than $4700.

(Photo - bento sale)
(Photo courtesy Naomi Nagahashi.)

All together, the donations totaled more than $15,600!

From the planning, to the cooking on Sunday, the assembly lines Monday morning, the sales and deliveries at lunch, and every step in between, our volunteers' efforts are greatly appreciated. I believe that everyone could taste the passion and compassion that went into the meals! Thank you to all who participated for your friendship, energy and generosity.




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