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BaBar Researchers Announce First Evidence of Predicted Particle Subtype
SLAC Site Office Manager on Temporary Assignment at Oak Ridge
Property Control—It's Up to You
Noontime Concert Today

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Thursday - March 31, 2011

BaBar Researchers Announce First Evidence of Predicted Particle Subtype

Several SLAC members of the BaBar collaboration have been involved in bottomonium research, including (from left): Valentina Santoro, Veronique Ziegler, who led the data analysis for the hb study, Bryan Fulsom and (not pictured) Arafat Mokhtar. (Photo by Lori Ann White.)

Data collected by the BaBar experiment during its final months of operation in 2008 point to a new member of the "bottomonium" family of subatomic particles. BaBar collaboration member and SLAC physicist Valentina Santoro presented the results on behalf of the collaboration last month at the Lake Louise Winter Institute, a yearly conference held at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. The discovery adds another piece to physicists' model of the so-called "strong" force, which binds subatomic particles into larger chunks of matter.

In 2008, members of the BaBar collaboration announced they'd discovered the lowest-energy bottomonium particle, called ηb (pronounced eta-sub-b). A subsequent BaBar study confirmed the finding in 2009. Continued examination of the final BaBar data set has now revealed another particle of the bottomonium family, called the hb (h-sub-b).  Read more...

SLAC Site Office Manager on Temporary Assignment at Oak Ridge

(Photo - Paul Golan's empty office chair)
Paul Golan's SLAC office may be empty and dark for much of the next six months but his bike helmet is a reassuring sign that he'll be back. (Photo by Lori Ann White.)

Paul Golan, SLAC's Department of Energy site office manager, starts a six-month stint Monday as acting manager at the DOE's Oak Ridge Office, which oversees the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the East Tennessee Technology Park and the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. Golan is stepping in following the retirement of current ORO manager Gerald Boyd. The assignment is scheduled to run through the end of September. Read more...

Property Control—It's Up to You

You would never leave money sitting out in a public place and turn your back on it—even for just a minute—would you? Would you put your cash in checked luggage or leave it on the backseat of your car? Well, of course not. The same should hold true for your SLAC laptop and other government property. Please treat your laptop and other valuable equipment and tools as though they were cash, whether you are on or off site. You play the most important part in protecting and accounting for SLAC property.  Read more...

Noontime Concert Today

The Arneis Quartet.
(Photo: Liz Linder.)

The Arneis Quartet will present a noontime concert today in the Kavli Auditorium. This group was formed at Boston University and has performed in numerous other venues. They are an emerging quartet that is working for a short time with the St. Lawrence String Quartet here at Stanford.

They will perform the Bartok String Quartet Number 3 and the Beethoven String Quartet Opus 95.

The concert will begin at noon and end by 1 p.m. Please join us!




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