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SLAC Goes Mobile with iStanford
RSB/Infrastructure Project Construction Update
Seen around SLAC: Weather Station

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Wednesday - March 16, 2011

SLAC Goes Mobile with iStanford

(Image - iStanford screen shot, SLAC photos)
SLAC photo screen from the iStanford app on the iPhone. (Image: Melinda Lee.)

This month, SLAC makes its debut on the well-received Stanford University iOS application, iStanford. Sponsored by the university's student-affairs division and developed by recent Stanford graduates, the app connects users to Stanford events, news, maps and much more.

"The addition of SLAC into iStanford lets mobile users around the globe access entertaining and informative glimpses into exciting SLAC research," said Tim Flood, program manager of Stanford's mobile applications program. "This is really a first for iStanford—and whets our appetite for more. It feels like I'm carrying around access to understanding the origins of our universe right here in my pocket!"

(Image - iStanford screen shot, SLAC video)
SLAC video screen in iStanford. (Image: Melinda Lee.)

SLAC's initial presence includes photos and videos. The content is drawn from SLAC's new channels on Flickr and YouTube, respectively, created by Communications Office videographer Brad Plummer.

"There are a lot of great visual stories to tell about SLAC science," Plummer said, "and the new YouTube channel and the iStanford app give us fantastic platforms for reaching the science-curious public and the Stanford community."

Plans are in the works to add SLAC maps and news to the popular app, which is compatible with Apple Computer's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. For Stanford content on other mobile platforms, see the Stanford mobile page.

RSB/Infrastructure Project
Construction Update

(Photo - Building 28)
Building 28, fenced in and under construction. (Photo by Shawne Workman.)

SLAC's infrastructure modernization project has taken a big step forward this week with the installation of the construction fence and the beginning of construction work at Building 28 on Target Road. Currently scheduled for completion in October of this year, the remodeling project will create 20,000 feet of new office space and will be the new home of the SLAC’s Medical and Radiation Protection departments, among others.

This work officially kicks off the construction phase of the Research Support Building and Infrastructure Modernization project. When completed, Building 28 will also play an important role as "surge space" for housing support staff during the scheduled remodel of Building 41. Additional parking on the south side of the building will also be created.

In terms of local impact of the project, construction traffic will be limited to the Alpine Gate entrance, and the fenced area will include the sidewalk along Target Road, from the intersection at Loop Road to Security Gate 30.

For more information on the RSB project, including important dates and site maps, check out the RSB site.

Seen around SLAC: Weather Station

The SLAC weather station knows which way the wind blows. (Photo by Lori Ann White.)

A small automated weather station keeps track of local weather 24/7 from its perch on a pole next to Building 675. The unit, on long-term loan from Stanford University, made its SLAC debut in August 2008 to enable Stanford planners to gather weather information about the area. And the little weather station is becoming more widely known.

"Our fire department here on site uses the data," said John Weisskopf of Computing Services. The weather station transmits wirelessly to a computer in Building 675. "I keep the computer system the weather station is attached to patched and running,” Weisskopf said.

Lance Lougée calls the station "a great assist for those of us who work outdoors—and for emergency responders." He should know. As SLAC's assistant fire marshal and emergency management coordinator he can often be seen roaming the campus in all kinds of weather.

Anyone called out into the elements—or just interested in SLAC weather—can get an update from the station online at any time.




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