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On the Spot: December through February Spot Awards
Citrix Service Upgrade March 9
Colloquium Today: Status of XFEL/SPring-8 Construction and Beam Commissioning

SLAC Today

Monday - March 7, 2011

On the Spot:
December through February Spot Awards

(Photo - Spot Award certificate and gift cards)
A Spot Award brings with it the certificate shown and your choice of gift card. (Photo by Lori Ann White.)

Laura Burns-Wood, with the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, found herself truly in need of some exceptional aid when her appendix burst a week before an important SSRL review. With one e-mail and one phone call she was able to notify her colleagues of work remaining to be done. Upon her return to work, she found that her team was ready for the review.

"Everybody pitched in and did an amazing job," Burns-Wood said. "We have a great team." She thanked her teammates with Spot Award nominations, only to find her own work for the review recognized with a Spot Award as well. "I was really surprised," she admitted. But pleasantly so.

SLACers from Fikret Alisic to Slawomir Zalog received Spot Awards for exceptional work during the past three months. The Spot Award program, begun in May 2009 and revamped and reintroduced in December, recognizes SLAC employees for exceptional work in one or more of several areas. These include Safety and Security, Environmental Stewardship, Process Improvements, Teamwork, and Good Citizenship or Extraordinary Effort.  Read more...

Citrix Service Upgrade March 9

The SLAC Citrix service provides a means for both remote and local users to access a fully managed virtual Windows desktop or Windows application. Because the Citrix servers reside inside the SLAC core network, users are provided with the same level of access to computing resources as if they were on site.

Upgrade to Citrix XenApp 6

Our current Citrix system will be replaced as part of our software lifecycle management process. The new Citrix infrastructure, XenApp 6, was built in September of 2010. Computing Division staff have been beta testing the new implementation with your department administrators and some power users since October, 2010. On March 9, 2011, Citrix XenApp 6 will be placed into production. At that time, the address will point to the new Citrix XenApp 6 servers. Prior to this rollout, you can test the new Citrix farm at However before you do, we suggest reading the new Citrix User Guide.


Colloquium Today: Status of XFEL/SPring-8 Construction and Beam Commissioning

(Image - SLAC Colloquium banner)

Today at 4:15 p.m. in Panofsky Auditorium, physicist Tsumoru Shintake from Spring8 in Japan will present "Status of XFEL/SPring-8 Construction and Beam Commissioning."

The view looking down the C-band accelerator at the XFEL/Spring-8 facility in Japan. (Photo: Spring8.)

Beam commissioning of the XFEL/SPring-8 began February 21, 2011. In this talk, Shintake will discuss recent news from the beam commissioning team, and take a look back at the research, development and construction of the machine. The XFEL/SPring-8 machine is based on unique technologies: a single-crystal thermionic-cathode electron gun, a high gradient C-band accelerator, and an in-vacuum undulator, which makes the free-electron laser facility very compact and able to fit within the available site length of 700 meters. Machine construction started in 2006. All of the hardware installation was completed in 2010. In October 2010, the SPring-8 team began high-power processing of the 128 C-band linac sections, starting from the injector end, and about 80 percent of these have been processed up to 37 MV/m.

The Colloquium is free and all are invited to attend.




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