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People: Maria Mastrokyriakos Enjoys the Mix
PIIā€”Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

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Wednesday - February 9, 2011

Maria Mastrokyriakos Enjoys the Mix

(Photo - Maria Mastrokyriakos)
(Photo courtesy Maria Mastrokyriakos.)

Maria Mastrokyriakos grew up in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco, and attended a high school of 5,000 students. From childhood to graduation, Mastrokyriakos was surrounded by people of all different cultures, religions, nationalities and economic classes. She says she welcomed the diversity, and grew accustomed to it, so it wasn't until she left home to attend Santa Clara University that she realized how unique her surroundings were.

"I always thought that was the norm!" Mastrokyriakos said, referring to the mixed population of people she grew up around. "I loved the diversity because I have always liked learning about other cultures and other people's way of life."

Mastrokyriakos' early experience in San Francisco has shaped and guided her career. For ten years her work has focused on understanding people. At Santa Clara she studied political science, and went on to graduate school at the University of San Francisco, where she earned a masters degree in public administration with an emphasis on organizational development. She has since worked continuously in human resources positions, specializing in training, development and philanthropy, mostly with non-profit organizations. She was the president of an international youth group, and did training, fundraising and volunteer management for the American Heart Association. Last June she was hired into the SLAC Human Resources Department and is now in charge of training and development.

No matter what the situation, Mastrokyriakos says the central focus of her work is finding out what makes people tick. The answer is never simple, and varies for each individual, she says. And that is where her background has helped. 

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PII—Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

If you handle personnel files or other sources of private information, remember to keep it secure. Don't make copies unless absolutely necessary, and ensure that all copies are kept securely at SLAC, safe against release.

Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, is any personal data that is or can be linked to an individual. It includes public PII—information, such as name and phone number, that is publicly available through phone books and other sources—combined with private PII, information that could cause serious harm such as identity theft if released. Examples of private PII include Social Security number, birth date and driver's license number. Both the Department of Energy and Stanford have strict policies governing how private PII is handled to keep it secure.

All electronic copies of private PII must be kept on SLAC computers that are secured against unauthorized access. Never copy PII onto devices that can be removed from SLAC, such as laptops or removable media. For more information, see the PII information on the Human Resources site. Please direct any questions to the Human Resources Department.




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