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CDMS Workshop Focuses on Dark Matter Detector
Energy Task Force Seeks Your Input
RSB Coffee, Donuts, and Q&A Today
Lunchtime Lecture Today: Archaeopteryx

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Wednesday - January 26, 2011

CDMS Workshop Focuses on
Dark Matter Detector

(Photo - CDMS workshop attendees on the Kavli Building patio at SLAC)
Dedicated collaboration members continue their work on the Kavli patio during a break. (Photo by Lori Ann White.)

More than 50 members of the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search collaboration came to SLAC for two days last week to discuss the nuts and bolts of dark matter detection. The goals of the workshop were to close in on an initial design for the dark matter detectors for SuperCDMS-SNOLAB—the version of the experiment to be installed in the SNOLAB underground laboratory near Sudbury, Canada—and to determine what roadblocks may still stand in their way.

"We're trying to get together all the people who are thinking about this to come up with a baseline design," explained Richard Partridge, a SLAC scientist and event co-organizer. "A lot of details go into making one of these work."  Read more...

Energy Task Force Seeks Your Input

In preparation for the February 4 Town Hall Meeting, the SLAC Energy Task Force has been reaching out to stakeholders at SLAC and Stanford, exploring new strategic directions in energy-related research. For each potential area of emphasis, we ask:

  • Why is this area of research important?
  • What will be our scientific approach to this research?
  • Why SLAC?
  • What critical components are required to be successful?

We would also like your input as members of the SLAC community.  Please share your ideas through the Energy Task Force online feedback form. Input before the end of the day on February 18 is very much appreciated.

RSB Coffee, Donuts, and Q&A Today

(Photo - donut)

Remember to drop by the Linear Cafe today between 8:30 and 10 a.m. for the Research Support Building and Infrastructure Modernization Project team's third "coffee hour." In addition to coffee and donuts, we will dole out information about the construction and renovation that will soon begin with Buildings 28 and 52, and answer your questions one on one.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

(Poster - lunchtime lecture - Archaeopteryx)
(Poster by SLAC Information Management and Portal Services.)

Lunchtime Lecture Today: Archaeopteryx

Today from noon to 1 p.m. in Kavli Auditorium, SLAC researcher Uwe Bergmann will present a reprise of last night's public lecture: "Archaeopteryx: Bringing the Dino-Bird to Life."

Some 150 million years ago, a strange creature died in a tropical lagoon that today is located in Bavaria, Germany. In 1861, a single feather of this creature was discovered. Not long afterward, a complete fossil was found with the same bird-like feathers but dinosaur-like anatomical features.

Recently, two of the now eleven discovered Archaeopteryx fossils, and that first feather, were brought to SLAC. Here, using the intense X-ray beam of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, researchers searched for the chemical remains of the original living creatures.

This lecture will explain how the studies attempt to bring the original dino-bird "back to life." This lecture is open to all SLAC employees.




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