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Supercomputing Awards Support Exploration of Surface Chemistry, Accelerator Technology
On-the-job Training Procedure Now Online

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Tuesday - December 14, 2010

Supercomputing Awards Support Exploration of Surface Chemistry, Accelerator Technology

(Photo - the Intrepid supercomputer)
Intrepid, the IBM supercomputer at ANL. (Photo courtesy Argonne Leadership Computing Facility.)

Not one, but two SLAC groups look to benefit from their share of 1.7 billion hours of computing time awarded to researchers by the Department of Energy's Office of Advanced Science Computing Research. The awards, announced November 30 by Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, are presented as part of the DOE's Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment program, or INCITE. They provide time on two of the most powerful supercomputers in the world—Intrepid, an IBM Blue Gene/P machine at Argonne National Laboratory, and Jaguar, a Cray XT5 machine at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

(Photo - Jaguar 6.0)
Jaguar, the Cray supercomputer at ORNL. (Photo courtesy National Center for Computational Sciences.)

"The INCITE award is fantastic," said Frank Abild-Pedersen, a SLAC staff scientist in SUNCAT, the Center for Sustainable Energy through Catalysis, part of a collaboration awarded 15,000,000 processor hours on the IBM supercomputer. According to Abild-Pedersen, time on a supercomputer is vital to SUNCAT's efforts to understand the workings of catalysts, substances that can affect chemical reactions without themselves being affected. Catalysts are already widely used in industry, and improved catalysts hold the key to more efficient fuel cells, better rechargeable batteries—possibly even artificial photosynthesis.

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On-the-job Training Procedure Now Online

Where on-the-job training is required to meet mission or safety requirements, SLAC management needs to ensure that it is implemented effectively for all employees, visitors and students. In addition, the Stanford University administrative guide calls for required staff training to be documented and records kept.

To help managers meet these requirements, a new procedure outlining requirements and guidelines for on-the-job training is now available in the SLAC Policy and Procedure Library (SLAC internal). The six-page document, SLAC On-the-job (OJT) Training Requirements (SLAC internal), provides instructions and best practices for supervisors and departments that require formal on-the-job training for their staff, students and/or users. These processes are required to establish and document course syllabi, trainer qualifications and trainee records.

This procedure provides examples, step-by-step instructions and relevant URLs, including one for recording on-the-job training. It is required reading for anyone accountable for creating and/or delivering on-the-job training.


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