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Galaxy Clusters Shine New Light on Dark Energy
SLAC Public Lectures Now Online
Property Control Honor Roll
SLAC Logo Sweatshirts 50 Percent Discount for the Holidays

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Tuesday - December 7, 2010

Galaxy Clusters Shine New Light on Dark Energy

Dark energy, which is responsible for the accelerated expansion of the universe, holds the key to understanding the evolution of the universe following the Big Bang. (Image: NASA WMAP)

Scientists' murky understanding of dark energy may have just gotten a little clearer, thanks to recent work by a team of researchers that includes KIPAC astrophysicist Neelima Sehgal. The team used observations from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope, or ACT, in the Chilean Andes to more narrowly define the properties of dark energy, that enigmatic entity that's thought to make up approximately 70 percent of the mass-energy of the universe and is pushing space apart. The team's results are summarized online on the ArXiv.

Scientists have struggled to come up with a satisfactory explanation for the nature of dark energy ever since astronomical observations in 1998 first suggested its existence. Astronomers were surprised to discover that the universe's expansion was accelerating, a fact that could be explained only by a previously unknown source of energy.  Read more...

SLAC Public Lectures Now Online

(Image - Past Public Lectures page)

The SLAC Communications Office and Information Management and Portal Solutions (formerly InfoMedia Solutions) are happy to announce the launch of the SLAC Public Lecture Series online archive. All SLAC public lectures that have ever taken place—with the exception of the November 30 lecture, which is in process—are now viewable online. The archive is available from the SLAC Public Lecture Series home page under Past Lectures in the left-hand menu.

Phase II of the project will involve posting not only new public lectures as they happen, but also selected SLAC Monday colloquia. Video for the most recent colloquium is in the works now!

Property Control Honor Roll

It's that time of year. This fall, the inventory for equipment over $5000 and for sensitive property for fiscal year 2010 was reported to the Department of Energy.

Good news first: SLAC exceeded the lab's Performance Evaluation and Management Plan for the inventory of equipment valued at more than $5000. The bad news is SLAC really needs to work on improving the sensitive property inventory. This past fiscal year a large number of computers either could not be located on inventory or were reported missing to Site Security. Remember, if your laptop or desktop computer goes missing you need to immediately report it to SLAC Site Security (x2551). Take extra precautions and lock your laptop when it's not in use. Especially watch your laptop when travelling. Read more...

SLAC Logo Sweatshirts: 50 Percent Discount for the Holidays

 (Photo courtesy Kari Horwath.)

The Stanford Guest House Gift Shop has partnered with the Friends of the Linear Accelerator, or FOLA, to offer an incredible deal—just in time for the holidays.

Buy one crewneck sweatshirt at regular price and receive 50 percent off additional crewneck sweatshirts. There is no limit to the number of discounted sweatshirts you can purchase. So stop by the Guest House right away; they have a huge selection of sweatshirts in a variety of colors and sizes. Read more...


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