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Upgrade of Linac Safety System Continues
SLAC Holiday Party: Global Peace... Global Joy

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Thursday - October 28, 2010

Upgrade of Linac Safety System Continues

Matt Cyterski and Kristina Turner standing next to the scaffolding for the old PPS wiring. (Photo by Lori Ann White.)

In 2007, SLAC's Accelerator Engineering Controls Department performed the first in a series of planned upgrades to the Personnel Protection System that safeguards staff working with the linac's accelerator systems. The next phase of the work is now in progress.

The project, managed by Kristina Turner, consists of bypassing an intricate array of relays in Building 3, the home of SLAC's original Central Control Room, and installing a new PPS that depends on modern programmable logic controllers, or PLC, instead of the original electromechanical relays. Matthew Cyterski, the group's expert on the type of PLC being installed, said he thinks the upgrade is long overdue.

"The relay system is based on 1940's telephone technology," he said. In the 1960's, when the Building 3 control room was built, Cyterski said, such technology was considered the most reliable, most extensively tested technology available.

Now, as then, the PPS stands guard over not only the linac but all SLAC accelerator facilities. It both protects people against inadvertently entering the accelerator tunnel during operation and prevents unauthorized access to the beamline. Should someone somehow breach its safeguards, the PPS shuts off the beamline to prevent injury. 

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(Photo - holiday luncheon buffet)
SLACers enjoy the buffet lunch at the 2010 SLAC holiday party. (Photo by Steffen Lutz.)

SLAC Holiday Party: Global Peace... Global Joy

All employees are invited to celebrate the Holiday Season with a scrumptious buffet luncheon, entertainment and a fun raffle at the SLAC holiday celebration, Wednesday, December 15, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. A few elves plan on stopping by with some prizes to share in the holiday spirit! The party theme, "Global Peace... Global Joy," celebrating our diverse staff, is meant to be inclusive of all faiths and ethnicities. Please feel free to join in that spirit by donating an item representative of your country for one of our Global Gift Baskets. Contact Maria Mastrokyriakos for more information.


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