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XPP Instrument Blasts Past Key Milestones
University Health Services Come to SLAC
Certificate in Supervision Graduates Celebrate

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Thursday - September 30, 2010

XPP Instrument Blasts Past Key Milestones

Instrument Scientist David Fritz in the XPP instrument hutch. (Photo by Julie Karceski.)

The X-ray Pump Probe instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source is installed and ready for its first user experiments several weeks ahead of schedule, thanks in part to funds provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The instrument will take advantage of the ultrafast X-ray pulses delivered by the LCLS beam to observe important chemical and biological processes, including the photosynthetic generation of chemical energy and the atomic-scale dynamics of proteins.

The XPP project received more than 40 percent of its funding from the Recovery Act, "which helped allow completion of most of the final instrument configuration in time for the first user experiments in mid-October," said LCLS Ultrafast Scientific Instrument project manager Tom Fornek.  Read more...

University Health Services Come to SLAC

(Photo - Patrick O'Callahan)(Photo - Richard Wittman)
Physicians Patrick O'Callahan and Richard Wittman. (Photos courtesy Ling Sue Teng.)

Tomorrow, SLAC welcomes physician Patrick O'Callahan, medical director of Stanford University's Occupational Health Center, as the new occupational medical director for the SLAC Medical Clinic. Under SUOHC management, the SLAC clinic will remain in its current location in Building 41, Room 135, with extended hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, effective October 1. All services currently offered by Occupational Medicine clinic will remain the same.

O'Callahan and his SUOHC colleague, occupational physician Richard Wittman, will trade off time at the clinic, coming to SLAC from campus several days a week.

"We are looking forward to ensuring a smooth transition and excellent support for SLAC employees," O'Callahan said. "Both Rich and I plan to spend a lot of time at SLAC in the coming months so that we can get to know the employees and community, and better understand SLAC's needs."  Read more...

 (Photo by Lauren Rugani.)

Certificate in Supervision Graduates Celebrate

The most recent group of graduates from the Certificate in Supervision program celebrated their achievements yesterday at a lunch ceremony in the Redwood conference room, accompanied by their supervisors, program instructors and SLAC Director Persis Drell.

"Being a good supervisor is critical in advancing our mission and uniting us as one lab," said Employee Relations Specialist Christine Green, as she thanked the group for their commitment to leadership. The training program consists of nine courses that participants have up to two years to complete. New supervisors are required to take at least four of the courses, but the program is open to all supervisors wishing to improve their management skills or to those interested in learning about supervisory roles.

Drell also addressed the group, drawing on her own lessons learned as she transitioned into a leadership role at the lab. "When you have a lot of smart, dedicated people—as we do here—and you can get them aligned, you'll have a really strong force," she said. "We don't have to walk in single file, but if we are all moving in the same direction, then there's nothing this lab can't do."

Before handing out certificates to each of the graduates, Drell stressed that while leadership comes with responsibility, it also comes with rewards. "I hope you've enjoyed [the program] and I hope you enjoy being leaders," she said. "The lab will be a better place for having you all here."


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