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Workshop Explores Potential Signatures for Early LHC Searches
Symposium Honors Vera Lüth
Moler to Receive Physics Educator Award

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Tuesday - September 28, 2010

Workshop Explores Potential Signatures for Early LHC Searches

Workshop participants ponder signatures versus models on the Kavli patio. (Photo by Lori Ann White.)

SLAC hosted a diverse group of about 100 particle theorists—and several particle experimentalists—last week at the Workshop on Topologies for Early LHC Searches. The workshop follows a June 4 meeting at CERN called "Characterization of New Physics at the LHC," during which experimentalists and theorists at the Large Hadron Collider grappled with how to ensure that important new physics can be filtered from the flood of data at the powerful particle collider.

"The experimenters said they needed more examples of signatures from the theory community," said workshop co-organizer Jay Wacker, of SLAC's Theory Group. These signatures, he explained, will show experimenters how physics beyond the Standard Model of particles and particle interactions might actually appear in the LHC data.  Read more...

Symposium Honors Vera Lüth

(Photo - symposium attendees)
More than 100 people attended last Friday's "VeraFest," a day-long symposium honoring SLAC Professor Emeritus Vera Lüth.
(Photo by Kelen Tuttle.)

Last Friday more than 100 colleagues and supporters gathered in Kavli Auditorium to celebrate the career and the accomplishments of SLAC Professor Emeritus Vera Lüth.

"Vera has had a spectacular career in particle physics," said SLAC theoretical physicist JoAnne Hewett, who organized the event with SLAC's Marty Breidenbach and Jonathan Dorfan. "Right from the beginning, Vera showed that every experiment she contributed to was the definitive experiment at the time."

Lüth's career began at CERN in Geneva, where she worked with physicist Jack Steinberger and others on an experiment that measured charge-parity violation—an imbalance between matter and antimatter—in the decay of a particle called a neutral kaon. 


(Photo - Kam Moler)
Kam Moler.

Moler to Receive Physics Educator Award

The American Association of Physics Teachers announced yesterday that SLAC researcher Kathryn (Kam) Moler has been selected to receive The Richtmyer Memorial Award. Moler, associate professor of Applied Physics and of Physics at Stanford University and deputy director of the Stanford Institute for Matierals and Energy Science, received the award for outstanding contributions to physics and effectively communicating those contributions to physics educators.

The Richtmyer Award will be presented to Moler at a ceremonial session of the AAPT Winter Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday, January 11, 2011. Following the presentation, Moler will deliver a keynote address.  Read more from the AAPT...


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