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Welcome to the LCLS Generation
Kids' Day Registration Ends Today
SSI Starts Today
Improving CATS, the Lab's Corrective Action Tracking System

SLAC Today

Monday - August 2, 2010

Welcome to the LCLS Generation

The LCLS Undulator Hall.
(Photo by Brad Plummer.)

A short but detailed technical introduction to the Linac Coherent Light Source appeared online Sunday in Nature Photonics. Coordinated by Paul Emma, head of the LCLS accelerator physics group and with contributions from many of his LCLS teammates, the paper is a virtual tour of the LCLS in six pages plus references and acknowledgements.

"We thought the LCLS really deserved a high-visibility, refereed publication to communicate its capabilities and for a clear reference to similar efforts elsewhere," Emma said. "Surprisingly, the article was started in November of 2009 and took some patience to pursue, but we are very happy to see it finally finished."

The long-awaited "tour" ranges from linac modifications to user facilities, with several stops along the way: the new injector that shoots precisely-shaped pulses of high-energy electrons into the linac; two new magnetic bunch compressors that squeeze each bunch of electrons into a smaller package with a bigger punch; the Beam Transport Hall that delivers high-energy electrons to the Undulator Hall; the undulator magnets that induce the electrons to emit X-rays; the diagnostics that verify beam quality; and finally, the optics that send the X-rays on their way to the experimental hutches.  Read more...

Kids' Day Registration Ends Today

There's still time: registration for SLAC Kids' Day is open until 10 a.m. this morning. Workshop A (hydrorockets) for the 9-11 year-olds is filled, but space is open in other workshops. Sign up online.

Reminder: if you have not paid Kids Day registration, you are not registered. Since workshop A is filled, preference will be given to children whose registration is paid, then to those who did not attend workshop A last year.

Escorts are still needed. To volunteer, please sign up on the Kids Day site.

SSI Starts Today

SLAC will be a busy place in August! The 38th SLAC Summer Institute launches this morning. Badged attendees can be spotted around Panofsky and Kavli Auditoriums and the Redwood rooms over the next two weeks, as they take in lectures and discussion sessions on neutrino basics, origins, decays and cosmology.

Just after SSI ends, the August 16 Linac Coherent Light Source dedication will bring distinguished visitors to SLAC to celebrate the creation and first science of SLAC's remarkable X-ray laser. Later that week, a horde of curious kids will descend on the lab for the seminars and workshops of Kids' Day, August 20.

Please help welcome our many and varied August visitors!

Improving CATS, the Lab's Corrective Action Tracking System

The Operations Directorate is working to improve its service delivery across the laboratory. One area targeted for improvement is how we manage documented problems; issues such as self-assessment and external audit findings, assuring recommendations get the right level of attention and that appropriate fixes are put in place. Each lab-accepted issue is assigned a leader (also known as the "Taskmaster"), entered into CATS, and tracked to completion.

CATS was developed five years ago and has been targeted for improvement. A Voice-of-the-Taskmasters session has been scheduled for Thursday, August 5 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Kavli building, room 305B. Three questions will serve as a catalyst for the improvement brainstorming and selection process: what works well with CATS, not so well, and what are your improvement ideas. Current owners of corrective actions (a.k.a. "taskmasters") and anyone who has overseen a set of corrective actions entered into CATS (a.k.a. "assessment owners") are invited to participate.

If you are unable to attend the session, your input is welcome via e-mail or, if you prefer, an individual interview may be arranged.


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