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New Issue of Symmetry Now Online
In the News: Topological Insulators: A Romance with Many Dimensions
Around SLAC: John Galayda Center Christened

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Thursday - July 15, 2010

New Issue of Symmetry Now Online

The most recent issue of symmetry hit virtual newsstands yesterday. The edition highlights an epic tour of American Big Science, an experiment called Mu2e that will look for an event so rare it was thought no one could build a machine sensitive enough to see it, and a step-by-step users guide to three computer displays from the Large Hadron Collider’s first few months of operation.

Plus: A CERN chip inspires a teen space project and high-school research network; an artist turns electronic junk into works inspired by particle physics; the fast-paced life of an accelerator scientist at the Linac Coherent Light Source; sterilizing medical supplies with accelerators; CERN invents the touch screen; charged leptons explained; and, as always, Signal to Background and highlights from our blog.

You can read the magazine online or download a pdf version here. Print copies should arrive at SLAC mail stops next week.


In the News: Topological Insulators:
A Romance with Many Dimensions

(Photo courtesy Linda Cicero)

In the July issue of Nature Nanotechnology, Hari C. Manoharan of the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Science explains topological insulators and covers the current state of research into such materials with charm, wit and a dash of Victoriana.

Read more in Nature Nanotechnology (subscription required)...


Seen Around SLAC:
John Galayda Center Christened

John Galayda outside the John Galayda Center. Additional photos of the event can be found here and here. (Photos courtesy Tom Rizzi.)

On Friday, July 9, the Gold Conference Room in the A&E building gained added significance (or perhaps notoriety) when it was unofficially christened the John Galayda Center during a morning ceremony that included a ribbon cutting, a key presented to the honoree by SLAC Site Office Manager Paul Golan and donuts.

The Center is the brainchild of Golan, who wanted a lighthearted way to recognize Galayda's contributions to SLAC. When asked if he felt honored by the fuss, Galayda said, "It's a very strange feeling, that's for sure."

And what exactly is the John Galayda Center a center of?

"The universe, of course," said Golan.

Galayda was a bit more noncommittal. "That remains to be seen. It has to define itself." He did add that the Center "is available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and christenings."


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