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The New LCLS Public Web Site
Radiation Protection Program Update

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Thursday - July 8, 2010

The New LCLS Public Web Site

The new LCLS Web site.

The Linac Coherent Light Source administration rolled out a new public Web site in May. The main focus of the new site is to provide information about the operating experimental facilities, and to support the user community. Detail technical information on the LCLS instruments, machine status and experimental schedule are easily accessible.

"I wanted the LCLS web page to look similar to SSRL's successful design," said Director of LCLS Jo Stöhr. "This makes it easy for the X-ray users to find info for either user facility."  

Since LCLS and the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource share many users, the Web site intentionally shares many design elements with the SSRL Web site, to give users a familiar look and feel. The site allows users to submit proposals and experimental safety information online. Since the same User Research Administration and Safety Office serve both LCLS and SSRL user communities, it follows that the online proposal and safety systems were developed jointly between the two directorates.

The general information section about LCLS that existed on the previous public site (with the familiar analogy to the stop-motion photography of the galloping horse, animation and image gallery) is now accessible under the section "About LCLS."

The new LCLS public site is also intended to enable the scientists to easily update fast changing content, such as instrument pages, themselves, without requiring webmasters. SharePoint 2007 was used to build many of the new site pages, and currently is also used to meet many of LCLS intranet, collaboration and controlled-documents needs.

Radiation Protection Program Update

The July rollout of Radiation Protection Program documentation marks the latest in SLAC's policy alignment with the Department of Energy's update of 10 CFR 835, the federal regulation that establishes occupational radiation protection requirements for DOE facilities.

The updated regulation is based on recent International Commission on Radiation Protection recommendations and uses new dosimetric terminology and quantities. Mandated changes include updated radiation and tissue weighting factors. Anyone who receives a dose summary report can find a comparison of old and new dosimetric terminology in the PowerPoint presentation RPP Update: The Details.

Affected Radiation Protection Program systems have been reviewed and the documentation and training material have been updated to remain in compliance. Additional training requirements affect only Radiation Protection Department staff; there are no new requirements for the SLAC site. However, anyone who uses the affected documentation should refer to the updated material.

In addition to mandated changes, the Radiation Protection department has made improvements that are summarized in the July 2010 issue of the Radiation Protection Update.


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