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Research Support Building and Rennovations to Bring Office Moves and New Spaces
Public Lecture Tonight: Ultimate Atomic Bling
Reminder: Legacy Logowear Sale

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Tuesday - May 25, 2010

Research Support Building and Renovations to Bring Office Moves and New Spaces

The new Research Support Building, or RSB, will replace PEP City.

Over the next four years, the SLAC landscape will be significantly altered. Where once stood a city of weathered trailers, a gleaming three-story office building, the Research Support Building (Building 52) will rise. The Administrative and Engineering Building (Building 41) and the Warehouse/User Building (Building 28) will be completely renovated. When all is said and done, employees will be located near the people they work with; will work in modern, energy-efficient spaces with significantly more windows and natural light; and will be able to congregate in comfortable, shared lobby and break space.

To make this happen, nearly half of SLAC's staff will need to move offices at least once in the coming four years, and construction will affect vehicular and pedestrian access around the laboratory.

"During this period of construction, office space that is already tight will get tighter," said Project Director Greg Herman. "These moves will doubtlessly be difficult for many, but it will be worth it. With new construction and newly renovated space, we will all have the modern infrastructure we need to be collaborative and productive. This work is a great thing for SLAC."

The first set of office moves is scheduled to begin this July, when Linac Coherent Light Source staff members transition from Building 280 into the newly completed LCLS building (Building 901). That will free up office space in Building 280 that many of the current occupants of Building 28 and PEP City will then occupy. (Other Building 28 and PEP City occupants will be temporarily relocated to Buildings 35, 41 and 50.) When these moves are completed, the renovation of Building 28 and the demolition of PEP City can begin.  Read more...

(Image - public lecture poster)
(Poster by SLAC InfoMedia Solutions.)

Public Lecture Tonight

Come to Panofsky Auditorium tonight at 7:30 p.m., to hear diamondoids researcher Jeremy Dahl of the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Science present "Ultimate Atomic Bling."

Diamonds exist in all sizes, from the Hope Diamond to minuscule crystals only a few atoms across. The smallest of these diamonds are created naturally by the same processes that make petroleum. Recently, researchers discovered that these "diamondoids" are formed in many different structural shapes, and that these shapes can be used like LEGO blocks for nanotechnology. Dahl will discuss the discovery of these nano-size diamonds and highlight current SLAC/Stanford research into their applications in electronics and medicine. The talk is free and open to all.

Reminder: Legacy Logowear Sale

(Photo - FOLA volunteers 2010)
FOLA voluteers.
(Photo courtesy FOLA.)

Today is the day! Don't miss your last chance to purchase legacy SLAC logo T-shirts, sweatpants, mugs and more. These items will be available for only two more weeks.

These items are available today from the Friends of the Linear Accelerator, FOLA, in the Panofsky Auditorium Breezeway between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Items remaining after 2 p.m. today will be available for purchase at the Stanford Guest House through June 8.


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