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From the Director: The SPC Visits Again
The 2010 Summer Student and Youth Opportunity Programs Are Open!
2010 SLAC Summer Institute to Highlight Neutrino Research

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Friday - May 14, 2010

From the Director: The SPC Visits Again

(Photo - Persis Drell)
(Photo by Harvey Lynch.)

Last week, SLAC had the semi -annual meeting of our Scientific Policy Committee. For two days, this committee helps SLAC management develop and refine the scientific strategies of the laboratory. With time, as they learn more about SLAC and as we become more strategic in our focus, they are able to help us even more. In addition, at each visit, they record the excitement of the new and developing lab scientific programs.

A year ago, the SPC arrived just after Linac Coherent Light Source had first lased and the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope had announced important new results in the search for dark matter. Last November, the SPC arrived in time to hear about the very successful first "user assisted commissioning" run at LCLS. I confess I went into this meeting feeling that we could not top the excitement of the previous two. I was wrong.

The high point of the meeting was a wonderful talk by Henry Chapman from the Centre for Free Electron Laser Science at Hamburg/DESY, who talked about the first results on coherent imaging of nano crystals using LCLS. The way the SPC phrased it at the closeout: "We are on the verge of demonstrating the first 'killer ap' from the LCLS."

Chapman will be giving an extended version of his SPC talk at the June 7 SLAC Colloquium. I encourage you to attend. As with all things LCLS touches, the first results are better than we could have hoped they would be. A new frontier is being opened. Come share in the excitement!

The 2010 Summer Student and Youth Opportunity Programs Are Open!

Summer Student Program

The Employment Services office is accepting job requisitions for this year's Summer Student Program. Participants in this program include high school (ages 18 and older), undergraduate and graduate students. Job qualifications can range from unskilled, semi-skilled to several years of experience, depending on the depth of technical knowledge and training required for the job. Through this program, approximately 1650 students have benefited over the years from their experiences working alongside professionals who have opened the way for them to see life in a scientific environment.

Student applications are being accepted in support of current openings on the Human Resources Web site. Corrine Purcell will manage this year's program.

Youth Opportunity Program

The SLAC Youth Opportunity Program is a 10-week work program (June 14 to August 20) for students between the ages of 18 and 22. It is designed to give entry-level students exposure to the workplace and enhance their job skills, while providing added income to families in need. SLAC's Youth Opportunity Program has openings for seven additional job requisitions. The Human Resources Office provides $5.00 per hour and the hiring department assumes the additional hourly subsidy. We encourage those of you who have a unit of work that can be done within ten weeks to consider hosting one of these students in your area over the summer. Christine Green will manage this year's program.

2010 SLAC Summer Institute to Highlight Neutrino Research

(Image - SSI 2009 banner)

Registration is now open for the 2010 SLAC Summer Institute, "Neutrinos: Nature's Mysterious Messengers," to be held August 2-13 at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Morning lectures will focus on the role of neutrinos in the universe and the experimental techniques that will determine their properties. In the afternoons, topical conference talks will alternate with discussion sessions, tours and social events. The full lecture program can be found on the SSI Web site.

Early registration—on or before July 12—costs $235 for students and $375 for non-students. From July 13 on, the price rises to $285 for students and $450 for non-students.

Everyone attending is encouraged to present his or her own research, whether or not it fits well with the neutrinos theme, at one of three poster sessions. The deadline for submitting an abstract is July 19.

For more details and online registration, see the 2010 SLAC Summer Institute Web site.


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