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Just in Time for Summer: SLAC Tours Program Ramps Up
SLAC Users' Organization Announces a Member Survey
Bike to Work Day Is Here

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Thursday - May 13, 2010

Just in Time for Summer: SLAC Tours Program Ramps Up

Nicole Ackerman leads a new employee orientation tour. (Photo by Julie Karceski.)

After a two-year hiatus, the SLAC tours program is back! Following budget cuts in 2008, the program has been resurrected with a revamped Visitor Center, four new tour guides (all graduate students) and a new outreach manager, Pat Kreitz.

"Tours are back by popular demand," Kreitz said.

Many requests and inquiries about tours were received during the program's down time and requests have surged in recent months. As a result, SLAC is handling an increasing number of school group tours and the number of public tours offered will double from two to four a month in June.

"It's encouraging how many people are requesting tours of SLAC," said Director of Communications Rob Brown. "The new tour program is at the heart of our outreach effort to the community, starting with outreach to local schools."

Keith Bechtol, a third year graduate student in astrophysics, was particularly excited last summer when he started to hear rumors that SLAC would offer tours again. He jumped at the chance to become a tour guide.

"I feel like SLAC should be a community resource," Bechtol said. "A lot of education happens outside the classroom." 

Now, as a SLAC tour guide, Bechtol enjoys answering questions and seeing visitors make connections on what they are learning about physics and SLAC science.

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SLAC Users' Organization Announces a Member Survey

SLAC has been going through a period of major change in its scientific program. In this context, the SLAC Users' Organization, or SLUO, which has traditionally represented users in particle physics, astrophysics and accelerator physics, is rethinking its role. To plan our evolution, we would like to understand better who we represent, what our members' current and future needs are, and how SLUO might help them with those needs.

To collect this information, we have constructed an online survey. We would be grateful if all past and present SLUO members, including SLAC employees working on relevant projects, would fill out this survey. The survey will close on May 28. A task force composed of present and former SLUO members has been formed to evaluate the survey data and, if necessary, propose changes to the operation of SLUO.

Bike to Work Day Is Here

(Photo - cyclists and volunteers at SLAC Bike to Work Day 2009)
Cyclists and volunteers gather across the road from SLAC's main gate during the 2009 Bike to Work Day. (Photo by Mike Woods.)

Today is the day! The San Fransisco Bay Area's 16th Annual Bike to Work Day is today, Thursday, May 13. SLAC volunteers Mike Woods, Kirk Stoddard, Dwight Harbaugh and Judy Fulton will host an Energizer Station for riders, one of eight Stanford community stations this year. SLAC's station will be open from 6:30 to 9 a.m.


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