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People: Jim Stanfield Has an Eye for Framing Things
Wellness Fair April 28
Seen Around SLAC: Clever Birds

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Wednesday - April 14, 2010

Jim Stanfield Has an Eye for Framing Things

Jim Stanfield.
(Photo by Diana Rogers.)

Mechanical designer Jim Stanfield's fingerprints can be seen all over SLAC: over the past 25 years, he has helped to devise some of the klystron and beamline components, magnets, vacuum chambers and other custom components that keep SLAC science running.

But he also takes this creative, prolific impulse outside SLAC's fences, exploring the United States and Europe to snap beautiful, visually interesting photographs. He even has a photography book in the works—titled Looking for Pictures.

Stanfield fell in love with photography around the age of three, when he discovered his father's old Kodak box camera. While an engineering student at the University of Michigan, he took photography classes. From there, he just kept taking pictures—even dabbling in professional photography on occasion—but he decided to keep his passion in the recreational category.

"I wanted a more secure livelihood," he said. "It was more enjoyable to keep photography as a hobby." 

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Wellness Fair April 28

Please plan to participate in Stanford's sixth annual Wellness Fair. This year's Fair is Wednesday, April 28, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation. The Wellness Fair will be hosted by BeWell @ Stanford.

Here are a few of the things you can do at the Fair to help you make healthy choices in difficult times.

  • Have your blood pressure, body fat, bone density, strength and flexibility measured;
  • Climb the rock wall;
  • Enjoy healthy food demonstrations;
  • Talk to a nutritionist, then visit the fresh produce stand just outside;
  • Test the level of protection of your sunglasses;
  • Check your skin for sun damage;
  • Get a bike safety check – and, if you don't have one, a bike license;
  • Learn more about ergonomically correct workstations and healthy work postures;
  • Try out the benefits of exercising with a Wii;
  • Enter a drawing for door prizes, and have fun!

For details and a full list of activities, check the Wellness Fair Web site.

(Photo by Marissa Cevallos.)

Seen Around SLAC:
Clever Birds

After years of failed attempts to weave a nest under the roof of Building 40, a couple of crows have finally pulled it off. They're getting cozy in a mass of twigs and branches on a concrete pillar three stories high, overlooking lunchtime traffic and soccer matches on the SLAC green. Huddling under the administration building's roof is smart real estate for the pair, according to Kirk Stoddard of the SLAC Environmental Protection Group.

"It gives them good visibility without being exposed from the back," Stoddard said.


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