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X-band Research Accelerates at SLAC
Recruitment to Include Strategic Sourcing
Talk Today: Paul Scherrer Institute's Large Scale Facilities and SwissFEL
Colloquium Today: X-band RF Technology for Future Projects

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Monday - April 5, 2010

X-band Research Accelerates at SLAC

A SLAC XL4 Klystron. (Photo courtesy of the SLAC Klystron Department.)

The word "X-band" evokes a certain James Bond-style stealth. Outside of the movie theater, that's true to a certain extent; rumor has it that the name for this portion of the electromagnetic spectrum—ranging from 8 to 12 gigahertz—came about during World War II, when radar system designers did not want enemies to figure out what frequencies they were using.

Nowadays, uses for X-band waves reach far outside of radar and communications. Emerging as a new option to power linear accelerators, this segment of the electromagnetic spectrum could have applications in accelerators for physics as well as industrial accelerators for use in medicine, plastics and beyond. X-band waves allow for more compact and less costly accelerators, making them appealing to industries that want to use acceleration technology but have limited space and resources.

Now, SLAC Accelerator Research Division physicists Tor Raubenheimer and Chris Adolphsen are looking to revitalize SLAC’s X-band technology program. In early March, SLAC hosted an X-band workshop, aimed at enticing users with the possibilities and rounding up commercial interest.  Read more...

Recruitment to Include Strategic Sourcing

Effective immediately, SLAC will increase exposure to all posted job openings through additional advertising. To ensure highest quality hires, diversity and best hiring practices, the Employment Services team will work with hiring managers to create a recruitment plan that includes strategic sourcing.

"To produce the best science, we must attract the highest caliber talent to the laboratory in all of our job positions," said SLAC Director Persis Drell. "Increasing exposure to SLAC job openings will help to create both depth and diversity in the pool of applicants from which to draw this talent."

All supervisors will soon receive an e-mail explaining the new process.

Talk Today: Paul Scherrer Institute's Large Scale Facilities and SwissFEL

Today from 3 to 4 p.m. in Kavli Auditorium, Director Joel Mesot of the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland will present "Research at Paul Scherrer Institute's Large Scale Facilities."

The Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI, is the largest research center for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland, with its research activities concentrated on the structure of matter, energy and the environment, and health. Research is performed mainly using PSI's large-scale facilities: on one side the Swiss Light Source, and on the other side, the muon and neutron sources around a 1 MW class proton accelerator. In his talk, Mesot will introduce these facilities through recently obtained research highlights, and present PSI's future large project, the X-ray free electron laser SwissFEL.

The talk is free and open to all.

Colloquium Today: X-band RF Technology for Future Projects

(Image - SLAC Colloquium banner)

In this afternoon's colloquium, Chris Adolphsen, Arnold Vlieks, Juwen Wang, Sami Tantawi and Tor Raubenheimer, all SLAC scientists, will review the developments in X-band room-temperature radio-frequency technology which have taken place at the laboratory since 2004 when competing superconducting technology at 1300 GHz was selected for the design of the International Linear Collider project. Topics will include a general overview of the field, klystrons, accelerator structures, pulse compression, radio frequency breakdown limits, current and future applications, and long-term prospects.

The talk will begin today at 4:15 p.m. in Panofsky Auditorium. The colloquium is free and open to all.

Next Monday, JLABS Chief Executive Officer Judy Estrin will present "Sustainable Innovation."

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