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From the Director: Making Progress
Hanley Lee Recognized as Federal Project Director of the Year
SLAC Celebrates 10 Year Service Awardees
APS Meeting Wraps Up in Portland

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Friday - March 19, 2010

From the Director: Making Progress

(Photo - Persis Drell)
(Photo by Harvey Lynch.)

The final report from "Team 2" is available on the Web: volume 1 and volume 2 (SLAC internal). I encourage you all to read it. It has lots of valuable insights. I particularly found volume 2 with all the back-up information fascinating reading! We are starting to work to incorporate the recommendations in our ongoing efforts to improve the organizational culture at the lab and you will be hearing more about this in future communications from our Chief Operations Officer, Sandy Merola.

However I want to take a moment to highlight progress that I am already seeing. We spend a lot of time being our own harshest critics and sometimes it is important to celebrate even the small victories and this week has offered me some wonderful examples to do that.  Read more...

Hanley Lee Recognized as Federal Project Director of the Year

Hanley Lee, who recently won the DOE's Federal Project Manager of the Year award, in his office at SLAC's DOE site office. (Photo by Julie Karceski.)

Hanley Lee of the SLAC Site Office was named the Department of Energy Federal Project Director of the Year last week in Washington, DC. As the federal project director for construction of the Linac Coherent Light Source, he was honored for its stellar success.

"This is well deserved honor and recognition of Hanley, who has worked tirelessly to make this project a success," said Paul Golan, who oversees the DOE Site Office at SLAC. "Congratulations to Hanley and the entire LCLS team." 


SLAC Celebrates 10 Year Service Awardees

(Photo - 10-year Service Awardees)
(Photo by Julie Karceski.)

The 10 Year Service Awards luncheon, honoring 47 employees who reached their 10 year service milestone in 2009, was held Tuesday, March 16, in the Redwood Conference Rooms. SLAC Director Persis Drell congratulated everyone on their years of service and thanked them for devoting their time, talent and energy to helping SLAC reach its mission goals. Persis talked about the accomplishments of the past decade and expressed her vision for an even more exciting decade in the future. Awardees were each presented with a 10 year service pin and a gift from the laboratory.

For a full list of awardees and photos from the event, see the 10 Year Awards page. Congratulations to all!

(Photo - APS 2010 program)
The printed scientific program for this week’s APS meeting ran more than 700 pages. (Photo by Kelen Tuttle.)

APS Meeting Wraps Up in Portland

With 650 talks and 7000 attendees, this week's American Physical Society meeting was packed—in terms of both time and space. More than 60 SLACers, many of them from the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Science, attended the meeting, which focuses on condensed matter physics, new materials, chemical and biological physics, fluids, polymers and computational physics.

"For SIMES, the APS March meeting is our biggest meeting of the year," said SIMES Director ZX Shen. "With five invited talks and far more contributed talks on exciting recent results, we have a strong presence."

(Photo - APS 2010 convention hall lobby)
This lobby in the Oregon Convention Center, where this week's APS meeting took place, features what's purportedly the world's largest Foucault pendulum. (Photo by Kelen Tuttle.)

SLAC research presented at the meeting included a host of talks on topological insulators and superconductors, updates on instruments and commissioning of the Linac Coherent Light Source, and insights into strongly correlated and high-pressure systems, complex oxides, thin film transistors and complex interfaces. Overall, more than 35 presentations covered SLAC research.

"This is a great meeting because the synergy of all these areas is really important," said SIMES Co-Deputy Director Tom Devereaux. "We wouldn't get nearly as far working individually."


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