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From the Chief Research Officer: The Annual Lab Planning Process
Targeted SLAC Phishing E-mail—Do Not Respond
Please Help with the Contractor Head Count

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Friday, March 12, 2010

From the Chief Research Officer: The Annual Lab Planning Process

(Photo - Keith Hodgson)

As you may know, each year SLAC scientific and operational leadership evolves a Ten Year Strategic Plan. This plan clearly defines how the SLAC vision will be carried forward in the upcoming years. We discuss and use this plan with the Department of Energy Office of Science to ensure congruency with the prime provider of our funding. Through this plan, we seek to coordinate and differentiate SLAC's roles, relative to other Office of Science laboratories, by identifying our areas of sustainable, world-leading core science areas and scientific facilities (which are referred to as laboratory core capabilities).

One of the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Research Officer is to coordinate the science and technology component of the SLAC Ten Year Strategic Plan. This is managed in very close coordination with the mission support functions of the SLAC Operations Directorate. DOE refers to the document and process as the "Annual DOE Laboratory Plan."

The Annual Lab Plan is the strategic planning process used by the DOE Office of Science through their Office of Laboratory Policy and Evaluation. There are two components to the annual planning process, a written plan and a follow up visit and presentation to DOE Office of Science representatives by the director (Persis), COO (Sandy) and CRO (myself). We are just beginning the FY10 cycle. Since this involves many areas at SLAC and many of you will be involved in realizing the plan for FY10, I thought an overview might provide a useful perspective.  Read more...

Targeted SLAC Phishing E-mail—
Do Not Respond

Over the past few weeks there has been an increased number of "phishing" e-mails arriving at SLAC. The text is different, but the theme is usually the same: The e-mails basically inform the recipient that there is some problem with their system or bank account and they should click on a link or e-mail their user ID and password to confirm their information. The entities who send out these messages are generally sending millions, hoping that one or two people will provide information, with the objective of obtaining the recipient's social security, bank account or other personal information.

On March 10, some SLAC users received a much more targeted e-mail that appears to be "phishing" for SLAC user ID's and passwords. The message originates from a foreign country. The Department of Energy Counter-Intelligence group has been informed and is investigating. Unfortunately, this is becoming a more common occurrence at SLAC and the other national labs. Read more from SLAC Computer Security...

Please Help with the Contractor Head Count

How many contractors and agency temps are really working at SLAC? If we had an earthquake, whom would we be looking for? How many workers have expired ES&H training on the books but are actually no longer at SLAC? 

The Human Resources and Procurement Departments are teaming up to find the answers, and we need your help. Supervisors of contractors and agency temps will soon be getting an e-mail request for information on those reporting to them. We need to know if it is time to end the assignments. If they are still active, we need to have an expected end date and make sure we have the right vendor. Keep an eye on your inbox. If you have any questions, please contact Rita Rhoads (x4112).


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