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SAFE2010: Electrical Substation K10
Cooling Tower 101 Update
First FACET Users Workshop March 18–19
Noontime Concert Today: Tokai String Quartet

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Thursday - March 4, 2010

SAFE2010: Electrical Substation K10

(Photo by Brad Plummer. Poster by SLAC InfoMedia Solutions.)

It was a deceptively quick and quiet turnover in the Klystron Gallery during winter break. With the replacement of electrical Substation K10, SLAC kicked off 2010 with an exemplary demonstration of how meticulous planning can lead to safe execution.

"It's one of the most critical areas of the lab," said Bill Choate, the electrical group leader from the Facility Division Operations Group. Substation K10 was a leftover relic from the original lab construction in the 1960s, and with its 40-year-old infrastructure, an upgrade was due.

This substation is the main power source for klystrons in Sectors 19 and 20, powering the linac and serving the Linac Coherent Light Source.

Swapping out the substation would be tricky, because the entire klystron gallery had to be completely powered down. Electrical lines are routed through areas that workers needed to access, creating possible safety hazards. Cutting off the electrical supply carries its own risks: around fifteen years ago, water pipes froze when the gallery was without power during a bad cold snap. Were that to happen today, it could cost as much as one million dollars to repair the piping system.  Read more...

Cooling Tower 101 Update

Cranes will be working in the area of Cooling Tower 101 today, requiring closure of the inner lane of Loop Road from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. In addition, demolition of the structure of CT101 begins tomorrow, March 5, and will last approximately two weeks. Please use caution, watch for heavy equipment entering and exiting, and follow all signs in the area. Any needed road closures will be posted to the "Access" section of SLAC Today.

The scheduled completion for replacement of Cooling Tower 101 is the last week of May. Please contact Javier Sevilla (x3899) with any questions.

Thank you for your patience and caution during the demolition.

First FACET Users Workshop March 18–19

(Image - FACET workshop graphic)

Online registration is now open for the first FACET Users Workshop, March 18-19 at SLAC. FACET—the Facilities for Accelerator science and Experimental Test beams at SLAC—will provide unique high energy density electron and positron beams. The FACET users workshop will inform the user community regarding FACET's capabilities, near-term research and development program, and the process for submitting proposals for new experiments.

With FACET, the SLAC linac will support a unique program concentrating on second-generation research in plasma wakefield acceleration. Topics include high-gradient electron acceleration with narrow energy spread and preserved emittance, efficiency, high-gradient positron acceleration and radiation generation.

In addition to the plasma wakefield acceleration research, FACET will support a broad user program in accelerator science, materials science, high-energy density physics and other fields of research that can make significant advances using these intense beams and the intense fields that are generated. Examples of possible topics of study include dielectric wakefield acceleration, materials study in extreme conditions, and novel sources of radiation using plasmas, crystals and meta-materials.

See the FACET Users Workshop Web site for further information and online registration.

Noontime Concert Today:
Tokai String Quartet

(Photo - the Tokai String Quartet)
The Tokai String Quartet. (Image courtesy the Tokai String Quartet.)

Don't miss the Tokai String Quartet Today from 12:00 to 1:00 in the Kavli Auditorium. They are one of Canada's leading string quartets. In September 2007, the quartet became prizewinners at the Banff International String Quartet Competition, the first Canadian group to do so since 1992. This is a talented, up and coming ensemble that is working with the St. Lawrence String Quartet as part of their Emerging Quartets program this quarter.

Please join us!


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