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BaBar Collaboration Set for Data Analysis and Archival Phases
New Leadership for FACET Project and the Accelerator Design Department

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Tuesday - February 16, 2010

BaBar Collaboration Set for Data Analysis and Archival Phases

(Image - BaBar the elephant at PEP-II)

'Babarians' had something to celebrate as they met at SLAC last week.

On January 22, the BaBar International Funding Committee guaranteed the BaBar Collaboration funding through 2012 and beyond. The funding will let BaBarians fully extract the wealth of physics from the data collected in the experiment, said Homer Neal, BaBar Computing Coordinator.

Particle physicists gathered in Panofsky Auditorium during the annual winter BaBar Collaborators meeting last week. Discussions ranged from the structure of the universe to the structure of the collaboration itself, which now involves 406 researchers from 12 countries. More than 100 people attended virtually and 126 were physically present, said BaBar Spokesman Francois Le Diberder. The meeting went smoothly, he said, thanks to the work of Donna Hernandez and Judy Meo in SLAC's Particle Physics and Astrophysics Directorate and Raymond Lo in the office of the Chief Information Officer.

The collaboration is going through a phase of intense data analysis; it will transition into a phase of "steady analysis" around October 2010. Through 2012 and beyond, BaBarians will continue analyzing the data, and archiving both data and software for future, longer-term studies. By 2012 they hope to have published at least 500 papers together, said Mike Roney, Physics Analysis Coordinator. Their current total is 413. Also in the works is a book of the results from BaBar and the Belle experiment in Japan.

Among the yet-unpublished research are more than 80 ongoing doctoral theses. Twenty one new graduate students joined the collaboration last year.

"I was very pleased with the team spirit… One night, the building was empty but for a large room packed with people, all very concentrated, giving brief presentations and asking and answering questions: that was the Convener Council meeting," Le Diberder said. "It was impressive."

New Leadership for FACET Project and the Accelerator Design Department

FACET is a planned experimental facility that will provide short, intense pulses of electrons and positrons to enable studies of the critical issues associated with plasma acceleration. The facility uses the first two-thirds of the SLAC linac. Andrei Seryi has been an outstanding and very energetic leader for the project to date and has brought the project from concept to technical maturity in a very brief 6 months. Andrei will be taking a new position as Director of the John Adams Institute in July and a new management team has been put in place to lead the project through completion. 

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