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From the Director of LCLS: LCLS Update
New HR Systems Coming Online
A New Chapter for the Friends of the Linear Accelerator

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Friday - February 12, 2010

(Photo - Joachim Stöhr)

From the Director of LCLS: LCLS Update

In my last SLAC Today column on October 9, 2009, I reported about the start of experiments at the Linac Coherent Light Source. We on the LCLS team can now say that the first experimental run from October 1 to December 18, 2009 was a resounding success. LCLS has proven that it can deliver X-rays with the properties we had hoped for, and our users have already used them to create exotic states of matter such as atoms without electrons, and recorded images of invisibly small nano objects with only a single, ultrashort flash of X-rays. I would guess you are all eager to hear more and are anxious to read about some great discoveries made at LCLS.

Not so fast! While the recorded data are safely stored on computer disks, the scientists are still busy analyzing them or are in the process of writing up the first results for publication. Unfortunately, there are no sneak previews. Understandably, the experimental teams hold their cards close to their chests. It is not just you and the public that is kept in the dark—even LCLS management is given limited information. Since many of the results truly represent "firsts" and contain information that could not be obtained before LCLS, the experimental teams aim to publish them in the top scientific journals. Those journals want to publish the results with a bang, so they typically require information to remain embargoed until publication. Therefore we all have to wait…  Read more...

New HR Systems Coming Online

Over the years, many have expressed their frustration with the manual and inefficient processes and systems at SLAC. That frustration was voiced in the recent Culture Survey in which the majority of SLAC employees participated. In response to these concerns, Human Resources will, over the next four months, introduce Web-based resources for performance evaluations, compensation and recruiting through the Taleo Talent Management system.

Taleo Perform will automate SLAC's performance management and goal-setting processes. Paper annual performance evaluations will be replaced with online forms that will facilitate employee and supervisor input and feedback in the evaluation. The goal setting tool will aid in aligning individual goals with lab or department objectives, directing focus on productivity and results.

Taleo Recruit will automate recruitment and staffing activities and provide an improved applicant experience. Hiring managers will have instant access to job applicants from any location, anytime. Automated approval processes will simplify the hiring process for more efficient and timely results.

The analytic tools in Taleo Compensation will enable SLAC to streamline the salary setting process. Taleo Perform will interface with Taleo Compensation, eliminating manual processing and duplication efforts.

Human Resource Office representatives will be demonstrating the tools and gathering user input at upcoming meetings with the leadership of each directorate. Look for more information and training in the coming months.

 (Photo by Doug Kreitz.)

A New Chapter for the Friends of the Linear Accelerator

The Friends of the Linear Accelerator, FOLA, is opening a new chapter in its continuing volunteer efforts of providing a wide variety of SLAC logo items through the Guest House Gift Shop.  Read more...

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