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New Dosimeter Storage Racks Ready for Use
Welcome, New SLACers!

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Tuesday - January 12, 2010

New Dosimeter Storage Racks Ready for Use

(Photo - dosimeter rack)
The alligator clip makes using the rack a snap.

You may have seen one of the new dosimeter storage racks that the Radiation Protection Department is making available and wondered where to get one, how to use it, and what the advantages to you and SLAC might be. For the user, the benefits are that the rack is easy to use and convenient for dosimeter exchange at the end of the wear period. For SLAC, the benefit is that fewer resources will be spent on tracking lost dosimeters and investigating the source of non-occupational exposures.

The alligator clip dosimeter holder makes the rack especially easy to use: You pop your dosimeter in once. When you are ready to wear the dosimeter, you clip it onto your lanyard or pocket, remembering that it should be on the front of your body, between your head and waist. When your work day ends, clip it in your slot—easy on, easy off, and you always know where to find your dosimeter.

Another advantage both you and your dosimeter point of contact might appreciate is that the exchange at the end of the wear period can become seamless; you just follow your new routine.

For SLAC, keeping dosimeters on site also eliminates the need to investigate non-occupational exposure. "Many of the non-zero readings result from exposure to airport security scanning devices," explained Dosimetry Program Manager Henry Tran.

"Institutions that have adopted the routine use of a storage rack as a best management practice have found that fewer dosimeters are lost and a significantly lower number of dose investigations are needed compared to SLAC," noted SLAC Radiation Safety Officer Sayed Rokni. "We need to move in the direction of keeping dosimeters on site, and getting into the habit of using storage racks should lower the number of unneeded investigations considerably."

If you have any questions about the installation, use or management of a storage rack in your area, contact Henry Tran (x3793).

Welcome, New SLACers!

Last Thursday, January 7, SLAC welcomed seven recent hires at New Employee Orientation.

(Photo by Barbara Hemstad.)

They are, from left to right:

James Brummel
Valentina Santoro
Kathy Keyes (front center)
Fred Kraese
Garth Williams
Christine Green
Thomas Pulliam

Welcome to SLAC!

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