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INFN Exchange Students Explore Physics at SLAC
FY09 Travel Reimbursement Deadline September 9
Recycling Tip of the Week: Aerosol Cans

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Thursday - September 3, 2009

INFN Exchange Students Explore Physics at SLAC

INFN exchange students and their mentors. From left to right: Bryan Fulsom, Stefano Zambito, Alessandro Gaz, Caterina Monini, Francesca Ungaro, and Francesca Pacini. (Photo by Lauren Knoche.)

As summer draws to a close, four visiting students from Italy are wrapping up two months of hands-on physics at SLAC. The students spent their summer in data analysis and computing activities, working with mentors in the BaBar collaboration.

Italy's National Institute for Nuclear Physics, INFN, participates in this yearly exchange program with the Department of Energy. University students across Italy can apply. Those selected spend two months working on a research project at a host facility supported by the DOE.

"My advisor [at Pisa University in Italy] suggested that I come here to do some research in a very qualified place," explained Francesca Pacini, who has been working on the data analysis of the decay of Ds particles. "Right now I am doing the last part of the analysis," he said. "In the end, I hope to be able to do the whole process."

Caterina Monini, who studies nuclear physics in Italy, has been working in the BaBar computing group, creating an archive of data that can be more easily accessed by physicists in the future. "It has been a great experience to learn some programming language, something about BaBar code," Monini said of her time at SLAC.

All four students—Caterina Monini, Francesca Pacini, Francesca Ungaro and Stefano Zambito—attend different universities in Italy and are very near to completing the equivalent of the American masters degree. All expect to continue on to doctoral programs. 

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FY09 Travel Reimbursement Deadline September 9

SLAC's 2009 fiscal year coming to a close. The Travel Reimbursement Office will be bracing for a flurry of activities in preparation for the closing of the accounting books.

It will be invaluable to the accounting department if all outstanding Travel Expense Reports, or TERs, are submitted to the Travel Office by Wednesday, September 9 at 12 p.m., for reimbursement by September 23.

All other FY09 travel that ends close to or after September 9 should still be submitted as soon as possible, but reimbursement will happen in October.

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Recycling Tip of the Week:
Aerosol Cans

Please coordinate collection of empty and non-empty aerosol cans that are no longer needed or can no longer be used with SLAC's Waste Management Group. Aerosol cans that are not completely empty must be managed as a hazardous waste. In the case of the empties, the Waste Management group will either coordinate disposal or recycling of the cans, depending on the original contents and other considerations.

Check to see if your group or department has a hazardous waste collection container designated for aerosol cans. If your group or department does not have a designated collection container, contact the Waste Management Group (x2399) to coordinate pick-up of the aerosol cans.

See also these tips on disposing of or recycling aerosol cans at home.


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