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LCLS Team Awarded FEL Prize, Certificate
Reminder: SLUO Annual Meeting September 17
New Web-based Training Courses Online

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Wednesday - September 2, 2009

LCLS Team Awarded FEL Prize, Certificate

David Dowell (left) and Paul Emma received the 2009 FEL Prize. (Photo by Stuart Eyres.)

Last week at the 31st Free Electron Laser Conference in Liverpool, United Kingdom, SLAC physicists David Dowell and Paul Emma were awarded the FEL Prize for their technical achievements with the Linac Coherent Light Source, and John Galayda accepted a certificate for the entire LCLS team, lauding their excellent work in creation and commissioning of the unprecedented machine.

The FEL Committee awards one prize each year to a person or people whose work has advanced the field of free-electron laser science. After four years of construction, the LCLS team achieved the world's brightest short-pulse, hard X-ray laser light in April of this year. The LCLS worked perfectly on the first try. "It was exciting that such a machine started up so quickly," said Emma, who led the LCLS commissioning effort.

John Galayda (left) accepted a certificate on behalf of the LCLS team. (Photo by Stuart Eyres.)

Emma said that Dowell deserves much credit for this immediate success. Dowell designed the radio frequency electron gun that creates pulses of electrons to travel through the SLAC linac to the LCLS undulator magnets, where the very bright X-rays are created.

The FEL prize, by tradition, recognizes outstanding technical research or design. In conjunction with this year's prize, John Galayda—director of construction for the LCLS project—received a special award certificate on behalf of the LCLS team.

"The certificate was an acknowledgement by the FEL international organizing committee of the outstanding performance of the entire LCLS team," said Galayda. Conference Chairman Mike Poole, who presented the certificate, suggested that it be displayed in the Main Control Center. Galayda intends to make copies for LCLS contributors Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory.

This year's FEL prize breaks a trend that the FEL committee has followed for many years. "In most cases, the FEL prize has been given to exceptional theorists or visionaries who proposed new directions of the field," Emma said. "This is one of the first given to an operating machine."

This prize recognizes LCLS as an important advancement in FEL science and therefore is a tribute to all who helped create this revolutionary new light source. "This is one of the first real team prizes," Emma said. "It really should go to all the people at SLAC who worked on the LCLS and demonstrated that this marvelous new light source works, and works well." 

Reminder: SLUO Annual Meeting September 17

The SLAC Users Organization will convene its annual Meeting on September 17, from 8:30 a.m until 6:30 p.m., followed by a reception. The meeting is an invaluable opportunity to learn about the vision of our agencies for funding science, the plans of the lab, and the latest developments and science opportunities in the SLAC Particle Physics and Astrophysics Directorate.  

The scope of research in the Particle Physics and Astrophysics Division at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory now extends from deep underground science to the cosmos; the meeting agenda will reflect this. At the same time, accelerator science—the hallmark of SLAC for the last 40 years—is going through a period of change and renewal, with new initiatives like FACET and projects related to the Large Hadron Collider replacing research focused on the on-site high-energy physics experiments. Accelerator science at SLAC will be the core discussion of the afternoon sessions of this SLUO 2009 Annual Meeting.

The SLUO Institutional Representatives are also cordially invited to attend the SLUO 2009 Luncheon from 12:45 until 2 p.m. in the Orange Room, Building 40. This year, there are four outgoing Executive Committee members to replace. This working luncheon will be the opportunity to submit and discuss nominations for the new 2010 SLUO Executive Committee members. To assist with planning, please RSVP online and submit your nomination(s) along with your RSVP.

Mark your calendar and plan to come and participate in the 2009 SLUO Annual Meeting! For meeting details and registration, please see the 2009 SLUO Annual Meeting Web site.

New Web-based Training Courses Online

Two important new training tools are now available from the Environment, Safety & Health Division Training group:

New And Improved Version Of EOESH

The ES&H Training group is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of course 219, Employee Orientation to ES&H. This new release is more then just an update, it is a completely new course built from the ground up incorporating the latest learning techniques and e-learning technologies. Among other updates and improvements, the new course now covers the required General Electrical Safety course information.  Read more...

New Web-based WPC Training

The first phase of training for SLAC's new Work Planning and Control program has been a success. The vast majority of SLAC employees who require either course 120, Work Planning and Control Overview, or course 121, WPC Overview for Green Workers in Non Office Areas, have been trained. As of September 1, classroom training for this program will cease and be replaced by our new Web-based training courses.  Read more...


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