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People: SLAC MFD and the Five-axis Mill
North Linac Access Road Closed
Public Lecture Tonight: Shuji Nakamura on Light Emitting Diodes
Around SLAC: Panofsky Grove

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Wednesday - August 26, 2009

People: SLAC MFD and the Five-axis Mill

Mechanical Fabrication Department staff member Aaron Monteleone demonstrates the department's new five axis mill. (Photo by Nicholas Bock.)

Walking through the Heavy Fabrication Building can feel a little bit like walking through a museum of industrial technology. There's an enormous floor mill reputedly used to build tanks in WWII, a repurposed battleship turret that now serves as a coil winding tool, and an old vacuum chamber that looks as though it came from the world of Jules Verne.

Amidst all these venerable giants, though, is something of a modern marvel—a device called a five-axis mill. It's the latest addition to the Mechanical Fabrication Department’s suite of machines, and according to Machine Maintenance Supervisor Kelley Ramsey, something that could significantly boost the shop's capabilities.

"This is the mother of machines," Ramsey said. "You can make anything with these."  Read more...

North Linac Access Road Closed

During soil work along the north side of the SLAC linac from August 26 through the end of September, the north linac access road that runs parallel to the north linac road will be closed to all traffic. The road closed at 7 a.m. today, August 26, and will reopen in early October.

Please note that no bicycles or joggers are allowed on the access road during the closure.

Public Lecture Tonight:
Shuji Nakamura on Light Emitting Diodes

(Image - lecture poster)
(Poster by InfoMedia Solutions.)

Don't forget to come to Panofsky Auditorium at 7 p.m. tonight, for a public lecture by materials scientist and inventor of the blue light emitting diode, Shuji Nakamura. LEDs and laser diodes are an excellent lighting source, compact and easy on energy consumption. In the 1980s, the blue LED was missing from the field of LEDs and LDs. With the availability of blue LEDs, people could make any color, including white, for applications such as displays, lighting and more. The high-efficiency of blue LEDs and white LEDs can save significant energy and resources.

Nakamura will discuss this and more in his talk, which is sponsored by the joint Stanford/SLAC Energy Summer School happening this and last week. Nakamura's talk is free and open to all.

Around SLAC: Panofsky Grove

(Photo by Lauren Knoche.)

The end of August promises warm, sunny days perfect for a picnic in the grove—Panofsky Grove, that is. The cluster of redwood trees was planted in honor of Wolfgang “Pief” Panofsky, the visionary of particle physics who became the first director of SLAC while overseeing the construction of the linear accelerator in 1961. Pief ensured SLAC's legacy in cutting-edge particle physics research with construction of the SPEAR storage ring in 1972 and the launch of BaBar before he stepped down in 1984. Upon his retirement, the SLAC staff planted this patch of venerable redwoods, which grow as a living memorial to the man renowned not only for his devotion to science but more importantly for his integrity and warmth. Complete with picnic tables donated in 2008 by the Friends of the Linear Accelerator, the shady oasis makes a perfect spot for morning coffee or a picnic lunch.


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