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Three Research Grants and a New Branchline for SIMES and SSRL
SLAC Tributes and Memorials Guide

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Monday - July 27, 2009

Three Research Grants and a New Branchline for SIMES and SSRL

(Photo - award recipients)
From left: Award recipients Donghui Lu, Tom Devereaux and Nick Melosh.

The Department of Energy has awarded $9.4 million in Single Individual and Small Group Research grants to scientists at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Science, a joint Stanford/SLAC institute. The awards will support development of basic research, including the construction of a new experimental branchline at SSRL.

Of the total, $4.8 million was awarded to physicist Donghui Lu and will be used for upgrades at SSRL. The other $4.6 million will help fund SIMES research projects led by physicist Tom Devereaux and materials scientist Nick Melosh.

"The funding will allow SIMES to expand into exciting new directions," SIMES Director Zhi-Xun Shen said. "It will help SIMES researchers conduct experiments at SSRL that are not currently possible, contribute to LCLS materials science program in an innovative way and develop a leading diamondoids program that will have rich scientific content and significant potential for new energy applications."  Read more...

(Photo - tree)
Joe Ballam memorial tree. (Photo by Finn Halbo.)

SLAC Tributes and Memorials Guide

Staff and visitors walking on the grounds of the SLAC may notice, from time to time, that certain trees, shrubs and other landscape elements on the grounds are accompanied by small plaques mounted on rocks or wooden posts. These markers indicate that a piece of landscaping was a gift to the lab. This tradition started very early, with the donation by co-workers of a tulip tree in honor of Ken Copenhagen (ALD, Plant Engineering) when Ken left the lab in 1965.

Over the years, other staff, faculty and site office personnel have chosen to honor colleagues and friends with a variety of these living tributes. In some instances, former staff or their families have presented tributes to the SLAC community. The SLAC Archives and History Office, with significant assistance from Finn Halbo (retiree from the Technical Division, Experimental Facilities Department) has developed a Web guide that provides the locations and names of the honorees of these lasting tokens of esteem.


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