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BaBar's Hunt for an Exotic Higgs Boson
Welcome New SLACers!
First HR Roundtable Today at Noon

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Tuesday - July 7, 2009

BaBar's Hunt for an Exotic Higgs Boson

BaBar scientists hunting for the light Higgs boson include: (clockwise from back left) Arafat Gabareen Mokhtar, Arthur Snyder, Erik Petigura, Yury Kolomensky, and Hojeong Kim. (Photo by Nicholas Bock.)

The BaBar collaboration submitted two papers to Physical Review Letters last month, both searching for hypothetical light-mass Higgs bosons—the particles suspected of giving objects their mass. While the Large Hadron Collider at CERN will search for a heavy-mass Higgs that lies outside the BaBar experiment's energy range, other theories predict another, lighter Higgs within BaBar's reach. Both papers found no evidence of a low-mass Higgs in the BaBar data set.

"While it would have been very exciting to find a low-mass Higgs, the BaBar results are still important for the particle physics community," says Yury Kolomensky of U.C. Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "A negative result can rule out some Higgs theories, which is positive progress. If and when the Higgs is discovered, we will need to understand the underlying theory. Do we live in a world where a single Higgs boson is responsible for the generation of the mass of all particles, or is there more variety in nature?"  Read more...

(Photo - new employees)
(Photo by Doug Kreitz.)

Welcome New SLACers!

New SLAC staff attending the New Employee Orientation on July 2, 2009 included (from left to right):

Front row: Michelle Nolen, Nora Godby, Sacha Hanigan

Middle row: Craig D. Brown, Bivas Pokala, Sumohan Misra, Deborah Bard

Back row: Rawat Vineet, Robert Byrne, Wayne Polzin, Christoph Bostedt

Welcome to SLAC!

First HR Roundtable Today at Noon

All are invited to stop by the Human Resources Noon Hour Roundtable at the Linear Café, today from noon to 1 p.m. Representatives from the HR Department will be available for any questions you may have. Don't have time to stop by at lunch today? Future HR Roundtables are scheduled through the month of July:

Thursday, July 16
Tuesday, July 21
Thursday, July 30

Contact Vivian Lee (x4077) with any questions about the roundtables.


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