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People: Dan Miller and Joshua Lande Have SASS
WIS Seminar Today
Around SLAC: Waveguides

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Wednesday - June 24, 2009

People: Dan Miller and Joshua Lande Have SASS

New SASS Czars Joshua Lande and Dan Miller. (Photo by Nicholas Bock.)

The SLAC Association for Student Seminars, or SASS, is getting ready for a leadership change. Stanford graduate students Dan Miller and Joshua Lande are set to begin one-year terms as SASS Czars today.

SASS is a graduate student group that holds weekly talks on a purposefully broad range of topics, with a schedule of upcoming presentations that includes electric cars, the flora and fauna of SLAC and pi approximation. As czars, Miller and Lande will organize the group's meetings: finding speakers, putting up posters, making sure all the equipment works and bringing snacks. They officially inherit the position from current czars Daniel Ratner and Steve Herrin at today's SASS meeting.

SASS is one of the only groups for graduate students that meets regularly at SLAC, something that Lande said makes the group especially valuable.  Read more...

(Image - WIS logo)

WIS Seminar Today

Working at the computer without breaks can cause eyestrain, general fatigue, headache, neck and shoulder pain, dry eyes and difficulties with focusing the eyes. Relaxing the eyes with regular vision exercises may create lasting improvement in eyesight. In today's lecture, "Natural Vision Improvement," Dr. Meir Schneider and Melissa Moody will offer tips on how to avoid eye strain. The talk, hosted by the Women's Interchange at SLAC, takes place today at noon in Panofsky Auditorium. All are invited to attend. 

(Photo - waveguides)
S-band waveguides in front of Panofsky Auditorium. (Photo by Nicholas Bock.)

Around SLAC: Waveguides

Anyone walking to the Linear Café or Panofsky Auditorium has probably seen this metallic array sticking out of the ground, and anyone who has taken a look at the accompanying plaque knows that the metal poles are S-band waveguides from a 1966 Stanford exhibit on accelerator equipment. But what are S-band waveguides?

Waveguides are evacuated copper tubes that carry electromagnetic waves from one place to another. S-band waveguides specifically carry S-band microwaves, which are microwaves with frequencies between 2 and 4 gigahertz. In the linac, S-band waveguides carry microwaves from the klystrons to the accelerator, providing the waves that propel the electrons and positrons used in collisions.


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