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From the LCLS Directorate: Commissioning Status
Lauren Barbieri Awarded 'Heart of HR'
Around SLAC: Home, Sweet Experimental Hutch

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Monday - March 2, 2009

From the LCLS Directorate: Commissioning Status

(Photo - Dale Knutson)

The Linac Coherent Light Source is presently in its third phase of electron beam commissioning. The first phase, from April through August 2007, focused on the new electron injector and diagnostics needed to meet the LCLS beam requirements. The second phase of commissioning for this new generation of lightsource encompassed the full one-kilometer linac—the last third of the two-mile SLAC linac—that will carry the LCLS electron beam to the Undulator Hall. (See the LCLS interactive map for the layout.) The final commissioning phase began in November 2008, and is now focused on the new electron transport line from the linac through the undulators to the electron beam dump at the end of the line. Concurrently, the X-ray front-end systems, just downstream of the electron dump, are being installed and will be ready for commissioning in May 2009. A dedicated team at SLAC and our collaborators at Argonne National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory deserve all of the credit for the very successful work to date.  Read more...

(Photo - Lauren Barbieri)

Lauren Barbieri Awarded 'Heart of HR'

On Wednesday, February 25, SLAC Human Resources Administrative Assistant Lauren Barbieri was awarded the Heart of HR award at a reception on Stanford campus. The award, a large red crystal in the shape of a heart, is awarded annually at a university-wide event to the HR employee who exemplifies integrity, team work and collaboration while demonstrating significant contributions to HR, and modeling care and compassion for others in performing her job.  Read the full announcement...

Around SLAC: Home, Sweet Experimental Hutch

(Photo - SSRL users and their cot)
(Photo by Lauren Schenkman.)

For users, beam time at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource is precious, so experiments are often left running through the night. This team from Los Alamos National Laboratory (right) is working with nuclear materials, so they need a scientist on duty at all times in case of any irregularities. So each night one lucky researcher gets to be a guest at Hotel SSRL.


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