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People: Anthony Peterson
Free Desktop Recycling Trays
A Golden Gumdrop for SLAC Generosity

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Wednesday - February 18, 2009

People: Anthony Peterson

Anthony Peterson at work in the Linear Café. (Photo by Lauren Schenkman.)

At 20 years old, Linear Café cook Anthony Peterson might be the youngest person at SLAC, but he has the kind of deep appreciation for life's variety that you'd expect from someone much older. And, in a way, it's thanks to former President George W. Bush.

"When it looked like Bush was going to be re-elected, my parents decided to leave the country," Peterson says. His parents, both teachers, dropped their résumés into an online recruitment database for international schools. Soon the Petersons were packing up their Trout Lake, Washington, home and flying to the first country that had responded—Mongolia.  Read more...

Free Desktop Recycling Trays

(Photo - desktop recycling box)
These desktop recycling trays are available free on request. (Image courtesy of Rich Jones.)

In fiscal year 2008, SLAC recycled 61 percent of generated municipal waste, due in large part to existing recycling programs for paper, cans and bottles, cardboard, scrap metals, wood, green waste, and the outstanding efforts of the Linac Coherent Light Source project team, who recycled 86 percent of their construction debris. These numbers are good and represent continued improvement over previous years.

Everyone at SLAC can continue to reduce the amount of trash sent to landfill by practicing the three "Rs" of waste reduction: reduce, reuse and recycle. Please do your part to reduce the amount of materials used, reuse what you can, and recycle what you can't reuse. Materials placed in trash cans are not sorted for recycling and will end up in a landfill. Green recycling containers for cans, bottles and mixed paper are located throughout SLAC. If your area needs additional recycling containers, please alert your building manager.

To receive a free desktop recycling tray, e-mail your request to Micki DeCamara with your building and room number. For more information, including locations of cardboard recycling bins, please see SLAC's recycling Web site.

This article is the second article in a series to promote waste reduction and recycling. See the first here: "Recyclemania."

(Photo - Golden Gumdrop award)

A Golden Gumdrop for SLAC Generosity

The Family Giving Tree has presented SLAC employees with the Golden Gumdrop Award for their generosity during the 2008 Holiday Wish Drive. The award goes to the organization with the largest percentage increase in gifts donated over the previous year. SLACers bought 92 gifts and donated $111.68 in cash, bringing cheer to a total of 100 Bay Area children who otherwise wouldn't have had a gift to open on Christmas day.

"Even with the economy being the way it is, the SLAC family really came through," said Diana Viera, who coordinated the drive along with Debbie Tryforos and Donna Hernandez. To make donating easier this year, the coordinators accepted monetary donations as well as gifts and then went shopping for the remaining items. "I took my 8-year-old daughter with me," Viera said. "It was very rewarding."


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