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People: Leslie Stepanek Hits the Ice
New and Improved E-Shipper Launched Today
Public Lecture February 24

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Wednesday - February 11, 2009

People: Leslie Stepanek Hits the Ice

Leslie Stepanek on the ice. (Photo courtesy of Leslie Stepanek. Click for larger image.)

Leslie Stepanek, SLAC's work planning and control manager, remembers the moment she fell in love with ice hockey 13 years ago. On leave from her club field-hockey team with an injury, she went to watch a friend play. "I sat there listening to the wooden sticks hitting each other, the skates cutting the ice," she said. "Just the sounds of the game were intriguing." She decided to go to "Give Hockey A Try Day," a session sponsored by the Northern California Women's Hockey League, or NCWHL, and she hasn't looked back since. "I was hooked," Stepanek said. "I went out and bought all my gear the next weekend."

As an experienced athlete, Stepanek was a quick study of ice hockey's swift dynamics and fluid position changes. "I can anticipate things pretty well, but not everyone has that. When I was in the beginner division, I remember one player asked me a few minutes into a game, 'Which way are we shooting?'" As a beginner, Stepanek's personal challenge was learning to skate backwards. "We did a drill where everyone lined up on the goal line and had to skate backwards the length of the rink. Several minutes later everyone was at the other end, and I was still standing there. I hadn't moved! I just didn't understand how to make my feet go backwards."  Read more...

(Photo - The new SLAC E-Shipper Web interface)

New and Improved E-Shipper Launched Today

The Business Services Division is pleased to announce that a new and improved shipping application is available online. The E-Shipper is used for domestic and foreign shipment of materials from SLAC.

Based on an extensive redesign by the BSD IT staff, the new E-Shipper has many time-saving features—most importantly, an improved workflow by which shippers can be reviewed by multiple work groups and approvers. The new design was helped along thanks to input from multiple stakeholders throughout SLAC.  Read more...

(Photo - public lecture poster)

Public Lecture February 24

On Tuesday, February 24, SLAC researcher Anders Nilsson will present "Water: The Strangest Liquid."

Water, H2O, is familiar to everyone—it shapes our bodies and our planet. But despite its abundance, water has remained a mystery, exhibiting many strange properties that are still not understood. Why does the liquid have an unusually large capacity to store heat? And why is it denser than ice? Now, using the intense X-ray beams from particle accelerators, investigations into water are leading to fundamental discoveries about the structure and arrangement of water molecules. This lecture will elucidate the many mysteries of water and discuss current studies that are revolutionizing the way we see and understand one of the most fundamental substances of life.  

All are invited to Nilsson's talk, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Panofsky Auditorium, followed by refreshments and discussion. The event is free and open to the public.


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