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From the Director: DOE Report Card Gives SLAC Two "Thumbs Up"
Movin' on Up: SLAC PEMP Grades 2006–2008
President Obama Urges Action on Economy, Energy
Talisman Sings Today

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Friday - February 6, 2009

From the Director: DOE Report Card Gives SLAC Two "Thumbs Up"

(Photo - Persis Drell)

This week the Department of Energy Office of Science released annual performance assessments for the national labs, including SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, for the fiscal year 2008 (October 2007 through September 2008). SLAC's assessment is based on the goals set in the lab's FY08 Performance Evaluation and Management Plan, or PEMP.

This year's results are something we can all be proud of: Overall performance in science and technology received a grade of A-, while management and operations scored a B+. These grades represent notable improvements over the FY07 report, and reflect the fact that we as a lab are making real and measurable progress on our goals from last year. In our own self assessment last fall, the lab management agreed with the improvements noted by the DOE, although we tended to be somewhat less likely to assign grades of B+ (meets expectation) and above. This is totally appropriate as we have to be our own harshest critics!  Read more...

Movin' on Up:
SLAC PEMP Grades 2006–2008

Two things are clear in the DOE Performance Evaluation and Management Plan grades for SLAC over the fiscal years 2006 through 2008: the overall trend is upward, and the lab's scientific accomplishments come out on top, every year. The lab's grades on goals set for each year's performance evaluation appear here:  PEMP scores 2006–2008...

President Obama Urges Action on Economy, Energy

(Photo courtesy of

In yesterday's address to Department of Energy employees, President Obama called for quick action from legislators on the economy, and highlighted the role of energy and the DOE in the nation's recovery.

"Your mission is so important," he said, "and will only grow as we seek to transform the ways we produce and use energy for the sake of our environment, our security—and our economy."

President Obama stressed the importance of his proposed American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan in reversing recent job losses—promising it will save or create three million jobs, mostly in the private sector—while also securing the U.S. energy future. He urged quick action in Congress. "The time for talk is over. The time for action is now."  Read more...

(Photo - Stanford Talisman)

Talisman Sings Today

Stanford's talented and spirited a capella ensemble Talisman performs at SLAC at lunchtime today. Come to Kavli Auditorium at 12:15 p.m. to hear music drawn from around the world. The performance is free and open to all.


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