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Safe '09: Smooth Safety Integration
Thirty Years of US–China High-energy Physics Cooperation
Talisman to Perform at SLAC Friday

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Monday - February 2, 2009

Safe '09: Smooth Safety Integration

(From top/left) SLAC carpenters Ryan Kuhn, Aidan Metzger, Alejandro David, Mike Hughes and Aries Hughey and Facilities Safety Coordinator Jerry Pfefferkorn. (Photo by Brad Plummer. Click for larger image.)

If setting up a 25-foot-high scaffold in an underground tunnel filled with expensive scientific equipment doesn't sound like carpentry, it's because SLAC Carpentry Shop staff are no ordinary carpenters. Not only have they fitted many a SLAC office with a new custom-made wooden desk, shelving unit or cabinet; they've also installed parking bollards, placed sandbags to prevent erosion, renovated bathrooms and laid tile. And that's just the short list. Even working in capacities well beyond traditional carpentry—addressing safety needs from excavation permits to elevated work surfaces to asbestos abatement—the men of the SLAC Carpentry Shop have made safety part of their craft, taking on unusual challenges with panache.

"They've had to deal with just about any hazard, so they know how to safely handle unique and complex situations," said Facilities Department head Liam Robinson. "We [at SLAC] talk a lot about integrating safety, and we're getting there. The carpentry shop is a powerful example that it can be done."  Read more...

Thirty Years of US–China High-energy Physics Cooperation

W. K. H. Panofsky (left) and Zhang Wenyu at SLAC, November 12, 1972. (Photo: SLAC Archives.)

Thirty years ago, on January 31, 1979, the United States and the People’s Republic of China signed a formal agreement to cooperate in the field of high-energy physics. In the period leading up to the signing, informal cooperation had been blossoming, encouraged in part by the 1969 findings of the US Atomic Energy Commission’s High Energy Physics Advisory Panel, and in part by the growing enthusiasm for high-energy physics of the PRC science community. 

Read more in Symmetry Breaking...

(Photo - Stanford Talisman)

Talisman to Perform at SLAC Friday

Come to Kavli Auditorium at 12:15 p.m. this Friday for a lunchtime performance by the a capella ensemble Talisman. This group of singers was founded by Stanford University students to research and perform "culturally substantive" music, and is dedicated to sharing stories through music. With a repertoire rooted in the musical traditions of the African diaspora, Talisman draws from music from across the world. The group has performed at the Olympics, the White House, Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, among other venues, and toured the townships surrounding Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa. This past March, the group traveled to South Africa again to renew its sound and spirit. Their performance this Friday is free and open to all.


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