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Marx Modulator Begins Testing in End Station B
Turning Dark Matter into Green Matter at the Linear Café
Around SLAC: Marx Modulator Cubby
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Monday - December 1, 2008

Marx Modulator Begins Testing in End Station B

One of the Marx modulator cells, awaiting installation. (Photo by Calla Cofield. Click for larger image.)

This week SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory moves one step closer to producing an innovative new piece of the International Linear Collider. The first-generation model of a new design for equipment that helps power the accelerator is moving from the SLAC Power Conversion Department to End Station B, where it will undergo long-term testing.

The new Marx modulator will provide long pulses of power to klystrons, which in turn generate microwaves that move an electron beam down the accelerator. The ILC will require hundreds of these powerful klystrons, so the modulator cost and size must be kept to a minimum. The current ILC baseline modulators take up more than 22 feet of tunnel length each, while the Marx modulators take up less than 10 feet. Project leader Craig Burkhart says the new modulators will cost less to build and will be 1/3 more energy efficient than the current ILC baseline.  Read more...

Turning Dark Matter into Green Matter at the Linear Café

(compost bin)
(Photo courtesy of Micki DeCamera. Click for larger image.)

The Linear Café is proud to announce the launch of an organic waste composting program for cafeteria waste.

Starting today, compostable organic waste can be placed in waste containers labeled "Compostables." Please use these bins for food scraps and food serviceware made of natural materials, including Tater Ware utensils, paper napkins and fiber-based plates. A recycling bin for cans and bottles has also been placed inside the Café to make it easier to recycle.

Over the last several months, the café's Epicurean Group has been composting "behind the counter" food preparation waste and converting much of the "front of the counter" food serviceware to certified compostable products in preparation for the new program.

In order to successfully implement and continue this program, we need your help in keeping non-organic items out of the compost containers. The compost facility will reject loads tainted with even small amounts of plastic or other non-organic trash. For further information on what is acceptable in the composting program, see the cafeteria recycling Web page. Café staff can help answer your questions.

Around SLAC:
Marx Modulator Cubby

(Photo - Marx modulator cubby)
(Photo by Calla Cofield. Click for larger image.)

Ahead of an orange glow from End Station B, Craig Burkhart gestures to the empty enclosure that will house the innovative new Marx modulator. (See today's lead story for more on the modulator.)

SLAC Today Survey

Thank you to SLAC Today readers for your very helpful responses to the SLAC Today reader survey. The Communications group is tallying the nearly 750 responses from lab staff, users, retirees and members of the public. The results will provide guidance for the publication going into 2009.

Most respondents said they browse the publication daily, but often don't have time to read every article. Popular features included the headline story and director's column. Many readers shared useful ideas for improvements as well as favorite items in SLAC Today.

Thank you for your help!


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