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Sneak a Peek at the LCLS
Colloquium Monday: Sequestering Carbon Dioxide in the Built Environment
New Fuel/Maintenance Credit Card Partner

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Monday - November 24, 2008

(Photo - LCLS Beam Transport Hall)
The LCLS Beam Transport Hall.
(Photo by Kelen Tuttle.)

Sneak a Peek at the LCLS

All SLAC staff members are invited to take a sneak peek at the Linac Coherent Light Source on Thursday, December 4. Come revel in the engineering feat of more than 537 meters of tunnel and take in the impressive new equipment while chatting with LCLS scientists.

The walking tour will begin in the Beam Transport Hall, work its way through the temperature-controlled Undulator Hall and the subterranean Near Experimental Hall, and end in the cavernous Far Experimental Hall, which was hewn from solid sandstone. (See the LCLS Facility Map for a full site overview.)

The tour will last approximately 45 minutes and requires a steady 3/4-mile walk. Buses will depart from Parking Lot C every 15 minutes between 9:00–11:00 a.m. and again between 2:00–4:00 p.m. to transport staff to the Beam Transport Hall. To join a tour group, simply sign up for a convenient time on the tour registration Web page. Registration will close at noon on Wednesday, December 3.

Colloquium Monday

Sequestering Carbon Dioxide in the Built Environment

Today, materials expert and Stanford University Consulting Professor Brent Constantz will present "Sequestering Carbon Dioxide in the Built Environment: A Revolutionary Cement Technology." The colloquium will take place in Panofsky Auditorium at 4:15 p.m. and is open to the public.

Constantz specializes in high-performance and novel cements and is the inventor on more than 60 issued U.S. patents on the subject. His cements for bone fractures can be found in most operating rooms in the Western world that perform orthopedic surgery.

Constantz also serves as CEO of Calera Corporation, a company that sequesters carbon dioxide from power plant emissions into supplementary cement materials. This process both removes the emitted carbon dioxide and displaces the CO2 that cement production would normally have generated. See "Green Cement May Set CO2 Fate in Concrete" from the San Francisco Chronicle for more about Constantz and Calera.

At today's colloquium, Constantz will discuss how carbon dioxide from power plant emissions can be sequestered into cement materials.

See the colloquium Web site for details and future colloquia.

New Fuel/Maintenance Credit Card Partner

(Photo - fleet card)
Changeover to the new SmartPay cards will be effective November 30. (Photo courtesy of Ken Rubino.)

The U.S. General Services Administration Fleet recently announced the award of the fleet card, used to cover fuel and maintenance needs for GSA Fleet leased vehicles, to Citibank/Wright Express, or WEX. GSA Fleet has been using Voyager cards, which will be good through November 29th at 11:59 p.m. The new WEX cards will be issued starting December 1st.

SLAC Fleet Services recommends filling up GSA vehicles prior to November 29th, or having at least half a tank of fuel to continue to operate the vehicle through the changeover.

All vehicle custodians will need to bring their Voyager fuel cards to SLAC Fleet Services Office in Building 81 to exchange them for the new WEX cards. The old card must be returned before the new WEX fuel/maintenance card will be issued. Fleet Services hours are 6:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m. daily.

Please note: Driver ID/PIN numbers will change from four- or five-digit to six-digit codes. Fleet Services will provide details about the PIN when you pick up your card.

Your prompt attention to this exchange is appreciated. Fleet Services is required to complete the exchange process by close-of-business on December 4th.

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