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X-ray Flip Books
Reminder: Benefits Open Enrollment Ends Friday
Live Presentation: An Inconvenient Truth

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Monday - November 10, 2008

X-ray Flip Books

Physicist David Reis will join SLAC full time in January to work on XPP experiments at the LCLS.

Researchers plan to shine the ultra fast, super bright X-rays from the Linac Coherent Light Source on solid materials to watch their atoms wiggle. They'll use an LCLS instrument called the X-ray Pump Probe, or XPP, to learn more about the physics of solids through these atomic dances. Physicist David Reis will be joining the PULSE Institute for Ultrafast Energy Science in January to continue his studies of solids using the XPP.

Solid-state physicists like Reis want to understand how the arrangements and motions of atoms inside solids produce a material's physical properties. These properties can be as simple as how heat or electrons flow through the material.

"This is basic research. These are things that aren't in textbooks and we're trying to study them and learn about them," said David Fritz, who was one of Reis' graduate students at the University of Michigan and is now the XPP instrument scientist at LCLS. "It's going to be great having David's expertise on site."  Read more...

Reminder: Benefits Open Enrollment Ends Friday

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This Friday is the final day of open enrollment for Stanford benefits. Now is the time for benefits-eligible employees and retirees to make changes to health and other plans for the year 2009. This is the only opportunity to make changes, unless you have a life change such as marriage or childbirth.

The Stanford Benefits Web site provides a summary of benefits, comparison of medical plans and detailed costs. Use the My Benefits button to access your account. To make changes online, you'll need a Stanford University ID number and personal identification number. If you don't have computer access or need help, please contact the laboratory's Benefits Office or call Stanford Benefits at 877-905-2985, option 9.

Open enrollment closes at midnight Friday, so don't delay. For more information, visit the Stanford Open Enrollment Web page.

Live Presentation: An Inconvenient Truth

Save the date for a lunchtime presentation of the slideshow "An Inconvenient Truth," based on the like-named movie, next Tuesday, November 18, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. in Panofsky Auditorium. Gary Latshaw, a professor at Menlo College and a representative of the Climate Project, will discuss the impacts of climate change and the possible consequences of the continued use of fossil fuels around the world.

The Climate Project is an organization of volunteers from the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Spain and the United Kingdom, all of whom are trained by Al Gore to educate the public about climate change. The organization aims to raise worldwide awareness about global climate issues and potential solutions.


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