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Facilities to Join Operations
People Today: Lesley Wolf, Literary Treasure Hunter
B Factory Symposium Registration
Call for Abstracts: Synchrotron Research in Art and Archeology

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Wednesday - September 24, 2008

(Photo - Alexander Merola)
Operations Director Alexander Merola.

Facilities to Join Operations

I would like to welcome members of the SLAC Facilities department into the Operations directorate, and provide some background and motivation about this organizational change.

Earlier this year senior management, with input from the whole SLAC community, developed our 10-year scientific vision and shared this with the Department of Energy SLAC Site Office and Office of Science. Using the feedback that we have received, the senior management has developed our SLAC agenda with action items to make that 10-year vision real.

As an important step in achieving the 10-year vision, the mission support organizations of SLAC are devising supporting business plans. These plans will ensure that our current and future infrastructure and services support the scientific priorities expressed in the SLAC agenda. There is much to do—and it is exciting that we at SLAC have so challenged ourselves.

The scientific priorities will benefit if we in the mission support groups share a common, cross-organizational approach to determine and meet priorities for infrastructure and services. That process has started. The Operations organization, jointly with Facilities, has begun to develop business plans to support the lab's scientific priorities. The operational priorities and funding levels will be determined by SLAC's scientific needs, as determined by the SLAC director and our associate lab directors.  Read more...

(Weekly Column - Profile)

Lesley Wolf, Literary Treasure Hunter

Lesley Wolf assists library patrons.
(Photo by Calla Cofield. Click for larger image.)

Bustling about the reference desk in the library, Lesley Wolf's bright eyes shine from behind colorful glasses as she asks, "What can I help you find?" And the treasure hunt begins.

As a research specialist in the SLAC library, Wolf tracks down literary materials for users. She possesses the skill to seek out and obtain rare, out of print, obscure and specific pieces of literature, in print or online. While many requests simply require a trip down to one of the Stanford libraries, or a search through online databases, there are some that demand more in-depth investigation.

Recently, Wolf received a request for an article that appeared in the quarterly journal of the American Glass Blower's Society. The society offers the journal only to its members, with no outside subscriptions. Upon calling the society offices, Wolf found that even the organization didn't keep copies of old editions. She began to wonder whether the rare gem couldn't be found outside a society member's personal bookshelf. But more sniffing around finally led her to a library in Pennsylvania, which kept an archive of the journal.  Read more...

B Factory Symposium Registration

Don’t forget to register for the B-Factory Symposium scheduled for October 27 at Stanford University’s Schwab Residential Center, Vidalakis Hall. The program will cover a wide range of topics, including a retrospective on bottom, charm and tau physics at PEP-II and BaBar, together with a look forward to the future of heavy flavor physics. The symposium will be followed by a reception at the Schwab Center and dinner at Ming's Chinese Cuisine in Palo Alto.

Symposium attendance is free, but registration is required. Complimentary lunch will be provided to those who register by 5:00 p.m. PDT on October 21. The dinner cost is $10 for students and postdocs and $60 for all others.

Visit the event Web site to register.

Call for Abstracts: Synchrotron Research in Art and Archeology

The joint international workshop Sychrotron Radiation Applied to Art and Archaeology will convene in Barcelona, October 22, 23 and 24. Abstract submissions are invited, with a deadline of September 30.

For event details and contact information, see the workshop flyer and Web site.

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