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Stanford-Berkeley Summer School Starts Up
People Today: Richard Albright
STAP Funds Renew September 1
Stanford Football Staff Appreciation Night

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Wednesday - August 13, 2008

Stanford-Berkeley Summer School Starts Up

Students and educators at the 2005 Stanford Berkeley Summer School on Synchrotron Radiation.
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Approximately 40 graduate students from around the country, and some from around the globe, will be at SLAC August 17–22 to attend a week of lectures, discussions and tours with synchrotron radiation scientists. SLAC is hosting the sixth Stanford-Berkeley Summer School on Synchrotron Radiation and Its Applications in Physical Science.

To attend the school, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in physics, chemistry and materials science must submit applications explaining how knowledge of synchrotron radiation will enhance their research. One of the school's co-chairs, Anders Nilsson says, "We have discussions and give guidance to see how we can help them utilize synchrotron radiation. In addition, we have students come in who are focused on a very narrow part of synchrotron radiation and we want them to see the breadth of this field."  Read more...

(Weekly Column - Profile)

Richard Albright

Richard Albright's other car is a fire engine. (Photo by Calla Cofield. Click for larger image.)

It's 11:00 p.m. and Richard Albright and his coworkers are getting ready for bed—but they're still working. It's typical for them to get some shut-eye at the office, considering their shifts run 24 hours. But working for the Palo Alto Fire Department means they will make themselves ready and alert if duty calls.

Albright works at the SLAC firehouse three of every nine days, along with two other team members. The Palo Alto Fire Department safeguards SLAC and the surrounding community 24/7, 365 days a year. During shifts, the crew members live like family. They share cooking and cleaning responsibilities, a single bathroom and a rugged common room with mismatched furniture. "It's my home away from home," says Albright as he adjusts the bulky black radio secured at his hip. The radio keeps him in touch with his team no matter where they are on campus. As we chat in the oversized garage attached to the firehouse, he hops up into the bright red fire engine and settles into the driver's seat like it is second nature. Next to the massive truck, the crew has a small collection of workout machines, a bench press and a punching bag. At night they settle into a dorm-style bedroom, though their rest may end quickly if a call comes in.  

Read more....

STAP Funds Renew September 1

The Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP) funds renew September 1, the start of Stanford University's fiscal year. In adherence with Stanford policy, reimbursement requests for approved training taken during the current fiscal year must be completed 60 days from the start of the conference or training.

STAP provides up to $800 per year toward approved job-related or career-development training for regular SLAC staff working at least 50% time.  For program details and reimbursement, see the STAP Web page.

Stanford Football Staff Appreciation Night

Come cheer Stanford on, with free tickets to the Stanford–Oregon State game August 28. (Click for larger image.)

Thursday, August 28th is staff appreciation night at Stanford Football. Come root for the home team at the Stanford versus Oregon State college football season opener, free of charge. The University Athletic Department is offering two free tickets to Stanford staff, with free admission for accompanying children under 14 years of age.  

The game—which will be televised on ESPN—starts at 6:00 p.m. at the Stanford Stadium. Come early for Fan Fest celebrations, starting at 3:00 p.m. in the Hammer Throw area outside the stadium. Stay through the evening for post-game fireworks.

You can reserve tickets online or come to the box office on game day to receive two tickets. You must show your Stanford ID at the ticket office to pick up the tickets on game day.

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