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From Big to Small, BABAR Collaborations Work Together
Fiscal Year-End Procurement Deadlines
New Employee Orientation
SLAC Stickers

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Monday - August 11, 2008

From Big to Small, BABAR Collaborations Work Together

(Image - B<small>A</small>B<small>AR</small> collaboration)
Members of the BABAR collaboration pose for a photo in 2004.

Philippe Grenier, Peter Kim, Silke Nelson, Veronique Ziegler and Chris West are all breathing a sigh of relief after four months of exhausting analysis and peer review. This analysis group within the larger BABAR collaboration is celebrating last week's successful trip to the International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP), where they announced the detection of the ηb particle (pronounced "eta-sub-b"). The paper announcing the ηb bottomonium results was accepted by the journal Physical Review Letters on July 15, 2008. Though most of the analysis was done by the five SLAC physicists, the author list goes on for two pages. For every one of BABAR's several-hundred collaborators, this is a job well done.

From a wide view, this large collaboration functions as a single entity. Over BABAR's eight-year run on the PEP-II ring at SLAC, every member of the collaboration has contributed to the tasks that keep an experiment of this size running. That includes working on the detector, and collecting and filtering data. But while the BABAR experiment requires support from a large number of scientists and engineers, it also relies on smaller groups within the collaboration to perform data analysis and peer review.  Read more...

Fiscal Year-End Procurement Deadlines

Please consider the following dates and dollar amounts if you are planning to submit a purchase requisition for an item or service that needs to be delivered and accepted before the end of Fiscal Year 2008 (September 30).

Requisitions must be entered into PeopleSoft no later than these dates: 

Requisition Value



Fri, 8/15*


Tue, 9/2


Fri, 9/12

*Due to Purchasing Department processing time (30 to 45 days) and Department of Energy/Stanford Site Office review and approval requirements (3 to 14 days). 

Any requisition entered into PeopleSoft after these dates will be processed with a delivery date of October 1 or later.

For more information, please contact Purchasing Officer Bob Todaro (x2425).

New Employee Orientation

(Photo - new employees)
(Click for larger image.)

SLAC welcomed 17 recently hired employees at Thursday morning's new employee orientation last week. Twelve of them appear above (left to right): Koen Macken, Scott Mangold, Shawne Workman, Nancy Matlin, Moneisa Carson, Mike McDaniel, David Ficklin, Minhgiang Nguyen, Angelo Dragone, James Delor, Joseph Pate and John Corniuk.

SLAC Stickers

These SLAC stickers are 1.875" tall by 3.25" wide and available for lab use.

Through Business Services, the Communications office now has some SLAC stickers available for use in labeling lab property such as laptops, hardhats, report folders, binders, etc., or for public relations uses. Department administrators are encouraged to drop by the Communications office in building 267 to pick some up for their groups. Call x8703 to check availability.

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