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From the Particle Physics and Astrophysics Director: The P5 Report: What Does It Mean for SLAC?
SHALA Interpretation Workshop to be Held at SLAC on June 17
Word of the Week: Hydrogen Bond
Building the LCLS: Weekly Update
SLAC Offers Training For E-Commerce Vendor

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Friday - June 13, 2008

From the Particle Physics and Astrophysics Director
The P5 Report: What Does It Mean for SLAC?

Over the past five months, a select committee of high energy physicists dubbed the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) has been hard at work mapping out the future of high energy physics in the United States. This committee had a very difficult job—under a variety of funding scenarios, some rather stringent, they sought to define a program that addressed a broad range of exciting physics opportunities for the field, while also maintaining the health and vitality of the community and its major laboratories. Just last week, P5 released its final report. In general, it provides “good news” for SLAC. The panel's recommendations are roughly consistent with the strategy we have been pursuing in the Particle Physics and Astrophysics (PPA) Directorate, and several of the explicit projects that we have proposed for our future program received strong endorsement in the report.

P5 was reconstituted in January by the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP), after HEPAP received a charge from the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of High Energy Physics and the National Science Foundation to help develop a plan for U.S. particle physics over the next decade. The Chair of P5, Charlie Baltay from Yale University, was actually in residence here at SLAC visiting the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology during the entire time that the panel was deliberating. In addition, SLAC PPA Professor Tor Raubenheimer and Stanford Physics Professor Stan Wojcicki were members of P5. As a result, many of us at SLAC had the opportunity to interact with the panel and keep abreast of its progress.  Read more...

SHALA Interpretation Workshop to be Held at SLAC on June 17

Early this year, Stanford launched a new three-step faculty and staff program that offers incentives for learning about fitness. The first step in the "BeWell" program is to take an online health and lifestyle assessment and receive a $150 cash reward. The next step involves a free session to interpret the results. The third step is to create a wellness plan based on those results and to enroll in health-related classes and activities offered on campus at a reduced rate.

To make the second step as simple and easy as possible for SLAC employees, the BeWell program will offer a one-hour on-site interpretation class on Tuesday, June 17, at 12:00 p.m. in Panofsky Auditorium. To prepare for this class, simply fill out the Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment (SHALA) and then sign up for the interpretation session.

Faculty and staff who complete the SHALA and attend an interpretation session may sign up for a free fitness assessment and/or two free personal training sessions. Most activities under the HIP heading "Fitness Classes" are offered for a reduced fee of $20 for those who complete steps 1 and 2. Employees are able to use STAP funds for many of the classes that fall under the category "Healthy Living."

Please contact Health Education Manager Jayna Rogers at 724-7347 with any questions.

Learn more about the BeWell program on the Stanford website...

Word of the Week:
Hydrogen Bond

A hydrogen bond is a unique type of attractive bonding force between atoms of hydrogen attached to fluorine, oxygen or nitrogen and atoms of other elements. Hydrogen bonding is weaker than a covalent bond (in which atoms share electrons), and can occur either between molecules or within parts of a single molecule. Hydrogen bonding is thought to be partly responsible for many of the unique properties of liquid water, as well as the structure of various proteins.

Building the LCLS: Weekly Update

Construction highlights from the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) this week include:
• Final preparation for energizing the Central Utilities Plant
• Power, lighting and fire alarm installation inside the Beam Dump and Front End Enclosure, as well as road grading above the Beam Dump
• Pouring the remainder of the finished floor inside the X-ray Tunnel

SLAC Offers Training For E-Commerce Vendor

Beginning on June 19, Newark in One, a leader in electronics and other commodities, will become SLAC's newest e-commerce vendor. The company has partnered with Pacific Supply and Safety, a small women-owned 8(a) business, to manage the day-to-day order entry through the company's website.

Anyone who may want to use Newark in One's services is invited to attend a training session on how to use this electronic system. The session will take place on Wednesday, June 18 from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. in Panofsky Auditorium. All attendees are asked to register with Cory Perreras (x2641) prior to the event. Attendees may also register as an end user, approver or alternate approver at that time.

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