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From the Director: Waiting for Launch
Increase in Car Burglaries Seen on Main Stanford Campus
Word of the Week: Refraction
Building the LCLS: Weekly Update

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Friday - June 6, 2008

Last night, an informal rocket-launching party was held on the beach, with ten toy rockets launched using a variety of propellants. An international team of judges including LAT Principle Investigator Peter Michelson awarded prizes to all with special mentions for style. The picture above shows the launch teams and judges. (Click on image for larger version.)

From the Director:
Waiting for Launch

Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) Observatory is mated to the launch vehicle and is ready to go. It has passed all stages of testing designed to ensure that it can withstand the rigors of launch and operate in the space environment. Both instruments, the Large Area Telescope (LAT) and the Burst Monitor, are beautiful.

A few weeks ago, the launch date of June 3 was announced and a LAT collaboration meeting was scheduled, bringing many of the collaborators from around the world who have worked on GLAST, some for over a decade, to Florida's Cape Canaveral this week. By the time most people had arrived, the launch date had slipped to June 5, as the Flight Readiness Review identified some additional issues with the launch vehicle that needed to be closed out before launch. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved with the launch vehicle, good progress was made on all the issues, but the launch then slipped to June 6 and then June 7 to give the engineers enough time to complete their work. On Wednesday, an additional issue was identified with a battery on the launch vehicle that has given the mission a launch date of NET (No Earlier Than) June 11. Launch campaigns can be like this, we're told.  Read more...

Increase in Car Burglaries Seen on
Main Stanford Campus

The number of auto burglaries on Stanford's main campus has increased significantly over the past few months. This rash of burglaries usually involves a quick smash of a window to grab a bag or device visible in the car. The Stanford Department of Public Safety strongly urges the community to remove from view all briefcases, computer cases, tote bags, gym bags and all electronic accessories. Also, please remove any mounting devices for electronic equipment or accessories from the vehicle or conceal them so they are not visible to anyone looking into the vehicle. A mounting device left in view may be an indicator to the thief that its associated electronic device may still be in the vehicle (for example, in the glove compartment).

Report any suspicious persons in or about the area of parked vehicles by dialing 911 from a cell phone or by dialing 9-911 from a SLAC or campus phone line.

Word of the Week:

Similar to last Friday's Word of the Week, the phenomenon of "refraction" pertains to the motion of waves—from sound waves to ripples on a pond to even light waves. Refraction is a change in the direction of a wave due to a change in speed. Light waves change speed and direction when they strike water droplets suspended in the atmosphere; the familiar sight of a rainbow occurs in part because different colors of light change speed, and therefore direction, at different rates, and are separated apart as in a prism.


Building the LCLS: Weekly Update

Construction highlights from the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) this week include:

- Installation of light fixtures and electrical outlets in the Central Utilities Plant.

- Excavation and installation of rebar for footing at the north end of the Central Utilities Plant.

- Preparations to pour the final floor in the Access Tunnel.


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