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Seeking 2008 Employee Recognition Award Nominations
Very Small Spot Size Achieved at the New Beamline 13-2
Stanford Wellness Fair Today
Work Planning and Control Team Holds Training Session

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Thursday - May 1, 2008

Seeking 2008 Employee Recognition Award Nominations

(Image - Globie)

Every year, SLAC honors the people who make their coworker's lives better by being here. The annual SLAC Employee Recognition Awards are given to people nominated by you and, based on the information you provide, are selected by a committee representing all SLAC divisions. Last year, the committee received 165 nominations and 41 people received an award.

The 2008 awards are open for nominations through May 30th. Nominations can be submitted online or using a hardcopy form that will arrive in SLAC mailboxes this week. You may nominate up to three people (please submit separate forms for each person nominated).

A recipient of the Employee Recognition Awards gets a "Globie" (a glass globe with a plaque), a Certificate of Recognition, his or her picture on the Wall of Fame in Building 41, a letter from the Director that will go into the employee's Personnel file, an Award Luncheon at the Faculty Club, and the knowledge that a coworker respects him or her enough to make the nomination.  Read more...

(Daily Column - Science Today)

Very Small Spot Size Achieved at the New Beamline 13-2

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) staff have been making progress on the soft X-ray emission spectroscopy capability at the new Beamline 13-2. Soft X-ray emission spectroscopy is receiving growing attention for its unique ability to provide an atom-specific picture of the electronic structure in matter.

Soft X-ray emission spectroscopy allows studies of many different samples: solids, surfaces, gases and liquids. The method is well suited to study gases and liquids and their solid interfaces since it is an X-ray-in/X-ray-out technique that does not require high vacuum.

A typical soft X-ray emission spectrometer consists of an entrance slit, a spherical grating, and a 2D-detector. The entrance slit is the source point: a wide entrance slit gives high detection efficiency with low energy resolution, whereas a narrow entrance slit gives high energy resolution but low detection efficiency. SSRL staff is developing a high throughput X-ray emission spectrometer without an entrance slit and plan to use an extremely tightly focused beam at the sample on Beamline 13-2.

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Stanford Wellness Fair to Take Place Today

This year's Stanford Wellness Fair takes place today from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation. Expanding on last year's success, this year's fair will offer free health screenings, information and activities to help you get active, eat better, and unwind.
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Photo: Work Planning and Control Team Holds Training Session

Over the past few months, the Work Planning and Control team has been developing, testing and refining a training session for planning and controlling higher-hazard work. The team conducted a simulation session last Friday, asking participants to use a new Work Integration Plan to think through work activities, describe hazards, and develop controls before beginning the work.


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